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Art of communication

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We are persuaded many times throughout the day. As you read the morning paper a particular advertisement describes a product you have long wanted, and which you can acquire art tremendous savings. You are then motivated to buy. As we analyze figures, listen to justifications of new proposals, and review past records we make future decisions based on our beliefs.

Effective persuasion requires a healthy mixture of motivations and belief. Before we take action especially action that involves risk, large sums of money, or personal commitment, we must have a motivating desire. But even if the desire is presented we will avoid the action if we do not truly believe in what others are asking us to do.

As persuasive communicator our job is to help our listeners reach a point of belief in what we are saying, and then to act in a particular way what is right, acceptable , an advantageous to them. Action is not always required. . You may desire to present information that could stand as a policy, where belief in and acceptance of your topic are the end results you are seeking. In order to achieve our goal here, we need the five following steps.

i) Awareness

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On of the most critical purposes of an introduction is to get the attention of the audience. This is especially true in persuasive communication. You build your credibility as the communicator in the introduction, and you start to make a direct appeal. As a part of that process it is important that you start building awareness about your topic. This can be done with stories and illustrations.

ii) Problem

Not all communications are about problems that need solutions. Many are concerned with human needs, specific situations or experiences. Most of these topics can be addressed from a problem solution framework for easy understanding.

In the main point of the communication the needs must be presented. This must be done in such a clear and descriptive way that the listeners will develop personal feelings and concern about the situation.

iii) Solution

At this point in the communication the solution should be presented in such a way that the audience feels it is sound and sensible. Briefly state the belief or action you propose. Then explain the action clearly, by logically showing how it satisfies the problem. Examples from other situations can be cited to show the soundness of the solution.

iv) Visualization

In this stage you must intensify the desire to solve the problem by projecting the people to whom you would like to communicate into the future and helping them visualize the possible results of adopting the solution. Vivid word pictures help people to understand what the positive conditions will be like in the future if your solution is used, and the negative conditions if it is not used.

The Results of the Change

A. Picture yourself in a beautiful surrounding in Mexico studying Spanish.

B. By being totally immersed into the culture you will learn the language in one-third the time with better than 80 percent comprehension.

C. You will apply your new language in every aspect of your day while in Mexico.

v) Action

At this stage you must obtain approval by specifically for people’s response. Techniques for bringing it about include a brief an compelling challenge or appeal for specific action, a convincing testimonial, by a recognized authority, that supports your solution, an empathic illustrations about an incident that would have been different if the solution had been enacted, or an invitation to join with you and take action.

A. Join now and be a part of this new venture.

B. Enjoy today, speak fluent Spanish Tomorrow.

Putting the stages Together

Each of the five steps for accomplishing the good communication is important. The following grid show how the steps are combined, where each goes within the communication, the purpose of each step, and how people will respond.

If you can manage to do and perform every steps accordingly then you are a good and effective communicator.

Stage Place Purpose Peoples response

1, Awareness Beginning Obtain attention of people I want to hear that

Create a general awareness of the problem Im interested

Develop your credibility This person knows

. Problem First main point Detailed development of the problem, I understand

situation need,

Logical support I understand

Emotional concern I feel….

. Solution Second main point Detailed description possible solutions Of all the possibilities

Narrowed to the best solution. this is the best.

I believe

4. Visualization Third main point By enacting the solution the problem I see how the problem

will be resolved. can be resolved.

5.Action Last point To draw attention/belief

To spell out steps for taking actions How can I participate

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