Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheerleading, a sport…Fact or Opinion?

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Cheerleaders around the nation unite in a competition for the first place title.

Stunts come fast and furious to impress the judges with only minutes of time.

Girls tossed 0 ft. into the air, synchronized back handspring sequences, two girls

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held high overhead by one of their male counterparts, one on each hand. It’s good

enough for one of cheerleading’s major organization and indicative of the evolution

it’s bringing along with it. The athleticism and daring now commonly on display

has sparked debate over whether cheerleading should be considered a sport. Other

people’s views changed so much, it used to be an extra curricular activity now it’s at

the peak of being the most competitive ever.

The U.S. Office of Civil Rights classifies cheerleading as a support activity, so

does the state Education Department. Cheerleading is more of an exhibition than a

competition. Theyre spirit teams, so to speak. These days, female cheerleaders had

better know how to throw their bodies around. Take everything you need for every

other sport and put them all together. There is much more to cheerleading then yelling

and clapping your hands. You have to have self-esteem, fitness, eating, coordination,

and sportsmanship mastered.

There is such a stereotype on cheerleading. It is thought that cheerleaders are

out there to look pretty or be popular, when in fact there are countless hours that go

into the preparation of an awesome routine. I challenge all those who think

cheerleading is not a sport to go to one practice of a highly competitive squad that is

known for their abilities and see if they dont change their mind real quick.

According to a national study conducted at Carolina, cheerleading has developed into

one of the nation’s most hazardous physical activities. In 1, cheerleaders made

15,600 trips to hospital emergency rooms and have annually increased each year.

The days of simple cheerleading routines may be gone, but if cheerleading is to be

considered a sport it should be conducted within the limits of safety. Fear of

overregulation is a primary concern.

As a cheerleader myself, I’ve had the feel for both worlds. I’ve participated on

activities that are considered legal sports and have put forth effort just as much as I do

with cheerleading. All the elements to a sport are the same. Many hours are put in for

only a couple critical moments. If something goes wrong there’s consequences, just as

any other competition. Why should modern squads be penalized for past judgments?

Shouldn’t an athletic team have some goal to shoot for? Nation-wide cheerleading’s

goal is to be accepted as a sport for it’s high ability. Just as much time and practice is

put in to accomplish things as any other sport.

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