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Comparison of Beowulf and Gawain

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Beowulf and Gawain have more differences then similarities. Some of their similarities consist of being heroes and overcoming evil. Although they are both heroes of the medieval times, their heroism differs in many ways. For example, both Beowulf and Gawain prove to be brave, but Beowulf is the braver of the two. Throughout the story Gawain shows that he has more humanlike qualities then Beowulf and that he has love for his life and living.

Beowulf is a warrior who fights on his own with his bare hands. He kills Grendel, a vicious bloodthirsty monster, like it was nothing. On the other hand, Gawain shows his bravery and humility by telling King Arthur that he is not the strongest nor the smartest knight, so his life is less important and won’t be such a great lost if he was killed. Therefore, he puts his life in danger when he accepts the challenge of the Green Knight. Gawains human qualities are shown when he is subjected to temptation and accepts the green girdle for protection. As part of the deal Gawain is supposed to give the Green Knight whatever he receives, but doesn’t give him the green girdle. If Beowulf had been in that position he would have given up the green girdle because he did not need weapons or protection. The way Gawain and Beowulf differ is when the ax is swung at Gawain. When this is done Gawain flinches, which shows his human instinct. If in a similar situation I think that Beowulf would not have moved and would have let the ax become his destiny.

All in all, Beowulf and Gawain have very few similarities and a plethora of differences. Beowulf is a strong warrior that needs no weapons to help him, just his own strength. His qualities are very far from humanlike because the only time he experiences defeat is when he is old and dies. On the contrary, throughout the story Gawain experiences problems and defeat. He also expresses his human instinct by flinching. Both characters prove to be brave in many ways, just each one has different heroic qualities.

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