Thursday, April 14, 2011

GG / winter dreams

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F.Scott Fitzgerald created two works or literature that are very signifigant to each other. He created The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams. In these two pieces of literature, Fitzgerald also created characters that were very similar.

In his novel The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald created the character Jay Gatsby. In Fitzgeralds short story winter Dreamshe created the charachter Dexter green.these two characters have many similarities and differences. Gatsby and Dexter both love beautiful, rich women. Gatsby loves Daisywho is rich and beautiful yet she shows qualities of being very nieve. In addition Dexter loves Judy who is rich and beautiful yet she shows qualitites of deception. no only are their love interests similar, but their careers are also similar.They both came into large amounts of money quickly, which i called Parvenu. The difference in their careers is that Dexter earned his money honestly, and Gatsby earned his money dis honestly.Also in the end Gatsby lost Daisy and Dexter lost Judy. Neither got to keep the women they loved. overall Dexter and Gatsby have many similarities.

Fitzgerald also created the two characters Daisy Buchannan and Judy Jones. Both of these characters are beautiful. Also both Judy and Daisy are very wealthy. They are both Femme Fatals, which is defined as a character who is beautiful and wealthy yet has some deception deep down or either is very nieve.also daisy and judys husband are similar. both of their husbands drink alot. they also cheat on them both while they are married. basically their husbands have to respect for their wives.

Fitzgerald created to incredible works of literature that have many similarities and many differences. many similarities and many differentces many similairities and many many many differences.

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