Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harry Potter

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I will be doing my final project on the subject of should Harry Potter books be ban from schools. That being school required reading lists and also the school libraries. I will be taking the stand of ‘no’, this series of books should in no way be ban from schools. I will be conducting field interviews via a camcorder. My subjects will be people from all walks off life children, young adults, and adults. I will be going everywhere from the heart of these institutions where I can reach the students specifically to my immediate family where I will get a unique viewpoint from my sister and her daughter who is a Harry Potter fan. I am expecting and hoping to receive a wide array of opinions on this subject and other closely related Harry Potter subjects. My interviews, hopefully, will provide a solid means to my conclusion; however, if they do not, modifications might have to be made. Despite all of this, Harr Potter still prevailed and went on to kill all of the bad guys. Sure Harry Potter books are not as widely read by the younger generation as they should be, but in time they will be. There can only be on factor in which will decide something lik this, and that is time. Time is of the essence and only hermoine, harry, and will can help themselves out. Good luck to them on their journey through time and the rest of the harry Potter novels.

so good luck to them.

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