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think this is the wrong forum to post those in, brownie


Feel free to bite my shiny metal A if you disagree.

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Posted Tue Jan 14, 00 14 pm Post subject pos to barrow you films ?


[quote=dniceram1]hello here is a list of movies i have, they are on disc so let me know if anyone wants them and ill load them.

friday after next

stealing harvard


1hr photo

8 mile



the tuxedo

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The Gender Bender


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Posted Wed Jan 15, 00 48 am Post subject


hey cat u probably already know of these files but ithought i�ll post them anyway, it�s the dvd-screener for the two towers. There are a lot of files circulating here

The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.The.Two.Towers.CD1.DVDScr.XViD-ViTE.avi 700.8 MB

The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.The.Two.Towers.CD.DVDScr.XViD-ViTE.avi 6.7 MB

ttt-cd1.avi 700,8 mb

ttt-cd.avi 6,7 mb

ttt-cd1-fixed.avi 700,8 mb

ttt-cd-fixed.avi 6,7 mb

ttt-cd1-fixed-by-voitas.avi 700,8 mb

ttt-cd-fixed-by-voitas.avi 6,7 mb

These are all actually the same file only renamed...

They are all very good quall

and then we have the bin files....


Feel free to bite my shiny metal A if you disagree.

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Posted Wed Jan 15, 00 40 pm Post subject


Charmed - 5x10 - The Mummys Tomb.wmv 1,07,17

Charmed - 4x18 - Bite Me.wmv 116,0,867

Charmed - 5x0 - Happily Ever After.mpg 458,15,440

Charmed 44,406,7

Charmed - 4x17 - Saving Private Leo.wmv 117,70,0

Buffy - 4x1 - New Moon Rising.avi 1,8,80

Buffy - 4x1 - Primeval.mpg 6,66,46

Buffy - 7x11 - Showtime.avi 76,744,704

Buffy - 4x - Restless.avi 164,4,456

Charmed - 4x1 - Womb Raider.wmv 10,14,681

Charmed - 4x - Witch Way Now.wmv 114,616,00

Charmed - 5x06 - The Eyes Have It.avi 7,175,55

Charmed - 5x08 - A Witch In Time.wmv 11,84,46

Charmed - 5x0 - Daddy Dearest.wmv 116,5,65

Charmed - 4x1 - Were Off To See The Wizard.avi 4,765,5

Charmed - 4x16 - The Fifth Halliwheel.avi 175,417,44

Charmed - 5x07 - Sympathy For The Demon.avi 5,778,816

Charmed - 5x01 - A Witches Tail.avi 11,58,8

Charmed - 5x05 - Magic Wears A Mask.wmv 116,45,00

Charmed - 5x04 - Siren Song.wmv 117,78,610

Charmed - 5x0 - A Witchs Tale [Ftv].avi 15,6,656

[Tmd]solaris.(Ftf).proper.ts.(of).avi 14,6,16

[Tmd]solaris.(Ftf).proper.ts.(1of).avi 14,588,0

[Tmd]swimfan.(Ftf).ts.(1of).avi 154,488,8

[Tmd]swimfan.(Ftf).ts.(of).avi 7,5,88

Charmed - 4x0 - Long Live The Queen.mpg 450,0,776

[Tmd]8mile.(Ftf).ts.(of).avi 14,755,04

[Tmd]8mile.(Ftf).ts.(1of).avi 140,57,48

Buffy - 7x01 - Lessons.avi 10,7,648

Buffy - 7x05 - Selfless.avi 78,1,6

Buffy - 7x0 - Never Leave Me.avi 7,08,800

Buffy - 7x10 - Bring on the Night.avi 8,77,584

Buffy - 7x04 - Help.avi 75,810,816

Buffy - 7x06 - Him.avi 8,,66

Buffy - 7x07 - Conversations With Dead People.avi 80,51,04

Buffy - 7x0 - Same Time, Same Place.avi 76,060,67

Buffy - 7x0 - Beneath You.avi 75,071,488

Buffy - 7x08 - Sleeper.avi 7,70,448

[tmd]two.weeks.notice.(ftf).ts.(of).avi 105,85,84

[tmd]two.weeks.notice.(ftf).ts.(1of).avi 16,57,

Tatu - All the things she said.mpg 4,75,60

Lord of the Rings - SNL.wmv 5,87,807

MTV Movie Awards 00 - Spider-Man.wmv 10,610,51

Tatu - Not gonna get us.avi 1,05,408

Tatu-0_minutes.mpg 4,04,68

These files are on my share list for the moment....



Hammish Ham, Salted

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Posted Wed Jan 15, 00 1145 pm Post subject


hahaha, good luck with this project, your gonna need it, and why the fu dont you use edonkey instead, atleast if your in to quality

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Posted Thu Jan 16, 00 7 am Post subject Hello; trankilfils


Is the movie you have good quality FRIDAY AFTER NEXT if so I would like to get it if possible.




The Name Of The Game Is = SHARE SHARE SHARE

Now! Be Nice And Share

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Simple Downloader


Posted Fri Jan 17, 00 17 pm Post subject


I think the point of adding file sizes is to know hich ones are real. And i also have another suggestion. Why not just add new movies. Its easy to find the older movies dated one month back.

Ill also add my two cents. I downloaded Narc. The filename is [TMD]Narc.(sws).ts.(1of).avi. The file size is 18 MB or 141.44KB. The second one is a fake which is actually 15 minutes worth of movie that looks like a 45 minute movie, and if you use divfix, the movie will actually appear, but which actually lasts about 15 minutes, and cuts out way before the end of the movie. Its actual size is round about 8 MB whereas it would seem as if its 117MB or 11.8KB. Im downlaoding another second half, and ill get back to you if its real.

Doesnt anyone know the real version of about schimdt??

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Posted Fri Jan 17, 00 7 pm Post subject My Movie List


This is al ist of files i have at the moment some will be removed as others are added i willl update list when this is done

8 mile proper ts eco

Cat And Dogs dvix

Die another Day

[clm].Eight legged freaks.ts.ftf

Ghost ship(1of)

Ghost ship (FtF).ts.(of)

Grease DVDrip(1of)

Grease DVDrip(of)

Harry Potter pt 1

Harry Potter pt

Jay and silent Bob Strike Back divxfile

lilo_and _stich

Ice Age mpg

ice Age mpg

Peter Pan Return To Never Land mpg


[TMD]The Ring.(1of)

[TMD] The Ring .(of)

The Tigger Movie.svcd.cd

[/quote] Happy viewing


bye form me for now

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Posted Fri Jan 17, 00 1001 pm Post subject


Alrighty people...Im back! I suppose its time to get the list updated, isnt it? I know I have to go back to GenderBenders list from last week, and then also what youve been adding this week. If I miss anyone, please feel free to let me know~

Hope all is happy with everyone elses worlds!


Find me a captain and sign me as crew...

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