Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hemingway was an asshole

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I learned how to fly-fish about five years ago. Actually I never caught anything, which is probably a good thing, because if I had, I would probably feel intensely guilty about it. I can’t remember whether that was before I became a vegetarian or after. I only did it two times and I never got my feet wet, so I guess I can’t really relate to the romantic vision of Nick Adams up to his thighs in freezing water fighting a trout. But I did learn one thing from the experience, which is that women have an easier time learning it than men. Men have the hardest time getting it out of their head that if they just cast harder, the fly will go farther. It takes some patience to learn the fluid motion, and women seem to pick it up much more quickly. I also learned that you always want to be in control or you will find yourself with a new hook-shaped earring.

I really don’t buy into the whole fishing-as-spirituality thing. I would never argue with someone catching a fish for their dinner, but I refuse to see it as a romantic thing. Fish have always seemed kind of foul to me, too. Even before I stopped eating meat, I stayed away from eating them.

But all things being equal, I don’t have nearly as big of a problem about fishing as I do hunting. The little fishies don’t have a very developed nervous system, so I doubt they feel as much pain as us, but again, who knows? Hurting anything or anybody for no better reason than entertainment is bad karma � really bad karma, and I am of the belief that karma is never wasted. That is to say that when you hurt anyone or anything, you are actually hurting everyone and everything, including yourself. I’m guessing that old Nick got his in the end. We at least know that he got shot.

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I’m pretty sure that old Ernest got his � in the form of a shotgun in his mouth. Perhaps the spirits of all those animals that he massacred decided to haunt him and manifested themselves in the form of a liquor bottle, driving him slowly mad. We don’t always see how karma manifests itself, but it is like energy itself, never dissipating.

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