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Homosexuals Should Not Be Able To Adopt

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In today’s society, gay and lesbian parenting is a very controversial issue. Many believe that children of gay and lesbian parents do not grow up the same as children of heterosexual parents. A typical family is defined as having a father and mother figure. Children need a balance in their lives and same sex parents can not provide that balance efficiently. Children of gay and lesbian parents face disturbing difficulties throughout their lives. This may then affect the child psychologically, emotionally and physically. Then the child may be harassed at school and teased constantly. Many issues indicate that incidence of domestic violence in gay and lesbian couples are probably at least as high as in a heterosexual couple. It is unsafe for a child to live in a violent environment, which can lead abusing the child.

Children need to realize and witness how men and women deal with certain situations differently. “Children need to be informed of different situations that will occur to them throughout their lives”. Lesbian and Gay Rights Overview of lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption and Foster

Care. American Civil Liberties Union on the web 6 Apr. 1. 8 May. 00. (http//www.aclu.org/issue/gay/

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parent/html). For instance, a girl needs her mother at puberty and her father to help her with her car. A father does not know how a female body reacts during puberty, therefore; he can not relate to the changes in her body that she will experience. For example, cramps that woman get during their menstrual cycle or the tenderness of the breast developing. That is why she needs a mother figure in her life. A mother can not go under her daughter’s vehicle and tell her she needs a tune up or an oil change. In this case this is where the father comes along and helps her with her car. There is an imbalance because the child will never learn to identify with one sex that is absent for their life and the child will not be able to distinguish the role of a mother and the role of a father. (Smalls, Rhonda personal interview at Kaiser Permanente, Sunset Boulevard. 8 May, 00). Many have the idea that children who grow up in a homosexual home have a higher chance of becoming homosexual themselves because the children are exposed to a homosexual environment. The child gets affected deeply because it confuses them and

therefore; when they get older they are confused about their own sexuality. This is believed to be true because the child learns the parent’s ways and want to be just like their role models who are the parents.

Children that have parents of the same sex experience prejudice and harassment. “People have to realize that in today’s society children tease one another for the oddest reasons, if there is not a reason to tease or gang up on someone, someone is sure to find or make up something.”

(Sociologist Challenge Data on Gay Parenting, Los Angeles Times 7 Apr. 001 8 May 00 http//wwww.proquest.com Glendale Community College). This hurts the child psychologically. When the child attends school, the other kids will find out their parents are homosexual. Therefore, the child gets teased, harassed and feels like an outcast because the other kids do not want to play with them. The child gets hurt emotionally and physically feeling all alone. Children raised in a traditional family by a father and mother are happier, healthier and more successful.

“Domestic violence has always been a hidden phenomenon and it can be even more difficult in the context of same sex relationship.” Niolon, Richard, “Domestic violence in Gay and Lesbian couples” Gay and Lesbian resources 8 May.

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