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Education and family has a lot to do with the situation of poverty and inequality. Lack of education is a big part of it; people who fail to try and better themselves because of personal problems or even drug relations. People like this end up either a bum on the street or working dead end jobs for the rest of their life. The part of drugs I think is the biggest problem of all, because people who are under the influence usually tend to do wrong. It is not their fault they tend to do wrong it is because of the impact of drugs that alters their mind and makes them believe that all they need is the drugs. Therefore instead of getting a job to support their habits do to laziness from drug use they tend to obtain the money through illegal acts or even to the point of selling their bodies on the street. It is sickening and I don’t think anyone should have to experience this but it can’t be helped no matter how hard we try. Family is also a big part of it do to the fact of children growing up in poverty tend to live in poverty most of the time but not in every case. There is also the problem of problems in the home that lead kids to drop out of school or think that their life is so bad that they can’t amount to anything. I think that it can be helped if the government put a little more time in people problems instead of political ones; it is as if they don’t even care and just say they do. Besides what do they care their living the lap of luxury speaking of which lets get into the rich so called upper class(like their better than everyone else). The rich is another problem to poverty today for some people who grew up in a wealthy life who are fortunate but no better than the people who earn their money. People in poverty look at this type of rich people and say why not me which leads them to believe they are inferior and they begin to self loathe themselves causing them to fuck up do to no confidence and low self esteem. I think that rich people should contribute to the lower class instead of being stuck up assholes and keeping everything to them selves and acting so superior. But no such luck unfortunately we live in a fucked up world where nothing could go right except for those that have money. But even the wealthy have problems like the one thing they can’t buy and that’s real friends not people who associate with them because they both share that one thing that fucks up this world and that is MONEY and politics. I think it’s not fair that we should be split up into classes like the lower, middle and upper class it’s all a load of crap if you ask me. I was never one for politics I believe that politics makes things worse instead of order they bring us chaos. I think everybody should work for their money and not have it handed to them on a silver platter. I don’t think it is fair that people should have to suffer because of money and this thing money is the biggest problem the world has ever seen. Money leads people to gamble and play stupid lotto and scratch offs to try and get somewhere in the world it’s pathetic how hard we try to be equal in our categorized classes when we are all the same. No one is better than anybody no matter how much money you have or because you live in a big house or on the streets. No one should have to suffer or even die because they can’t meet the requirements of the world which again leads us to money. It is so bad to the point where I see myself trying to better myself and be up there in the upper class which is not really that bad it just causing me more problems knowing that I have to fight and work really hard to get somewhere I don’t even think I really want to be but want to all at the same time. Well if you ask me what I think about poverty and inequality well I think that it is wrong and unfair and that it causes more problems in this world and shouldn’t be an issue. You know what now that I think of it I will feel better than the wealthy knowing that I fought and worked really hard and earned my place in the world and not had it handed down to me. And this is what makes the lower and middle class better than the upper class the fact of knowing we earned and made everything we have.

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