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Jealousy is like a bush full of thorns.

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Jealousy is like a bush full of thorns, which seems like flowers to its victim. In the drama, Othello, William Shakespeare reveals that those who are victim of jealousy are easily manipulated and harm has been done to them. Shakespeare emphasizes that the road to tragedy is jealousy. Shakespeare also indicates that jealousy is a factor of creating evil and that evil is jealousy.

One who is in one form or other the victim of jealousy is easily manipulated. He or she can be proved a barrier in his own objective in life. The individual is easily encouraged by others to fulfill what is considered to be the evil action in the society. When one is the victim of jealousy the clouds of jealousy would cover one’s insight eyes and one cannot distinguish between good and evil until the cloud of jealousy disappears. In the drama, Othello, Othello is the victim of jealousy and the person, whom he trusted and always referred to him as “Honest” person, manipulates him. Othello who didn’t want to live his life with jealousy at first, but Iago with having full influence and trust from Othello makes him change his mind with presenting and showing false and misinterpretation of the relationship between Desdemona and Michael Cassio. By bringing the clouds of jealousy over Othello’s head, he gains more reputation and trust from Othello. Othello therefore give his destiny to be formed by “honest Iago”, and Iago takes full advantage of the circumstances.

Jealousy is the journey that its destination is disaster and tragedy. It is the road that in every step you take, there are dangers in your way and at the end, one ends up with a tragedy and there is no way of returning back. In the drama, Othello, Shakespeare paints the whole idea of jealousy very beautifully. Jealousy is like that bitter pepper that makes a sweet dish bitter and miserable. Othello had a very loving relationship with Desdemona perior of being influence by Iago. He was leading a wonderful life, full of happiness and joy. As he and his ideas changed by Iago, he had no more access and taste of the life he had before. He who was thinking of doing good not only to himself, but to all men, killed the innocent bird of happiness his life. By doing so, he not only made life miserable on Desdemona and himself, but also assisted Iago to achieve his devil intentions. It was not only Othello who was a victim of jealousy, but also Roderigo. Roderigo, who wasn’t happy about the relationship of Othello and Desdemona, was trapped in the fist of jealousy. Although he was one of the noble and wise of Venice, he was deceived only because jealousy was in his heart. It was jealousy that didn’t allow him to understand the situation fully and to act as the time required. Instead, Iago, who had no intention of helping him, leaded him to his destiny. Iago wanted to achieve his own devil intentions and Roderigo was a very good tool for him to pave his way towards his dream.

Good and evil is pictured as doing well for the society and harming the society. Evil is recognized as doing harm for the society and is considered to be the bringer of misfortune, misery, debacle, and catastrophe. If evil is considered to be the factor of the entire mentioned situations if one may say, then we would be safe to say that jealousy itself is the evil in one’s life. In the drama Othello, Shakespeare conveys the message very clearly that how the presence of evil in one’s life can change a loving and joyous relationship to disaster and tragedy.

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Jealousy makes life miserable, jealousy ruins the life of people, and jealousy takes away the comfort, happiness and the joy of life. Jealousy should be avoided as much as possible in life because life is to be enjoyed, not to be survived.

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