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master harold and the boys

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Azra Samardzic

Eng 10


Love, war and surviving

Not all people react in the same way when they are hurt either physically or emotionally. Some break down easily, finding no reason to live or to be happy. Some are stronger then others and will take what ever happened to them as a part of their life. The three stories from Tim O’Brien’s book “Sweethearts of the Song Tra Bong”,“Stockings” and “The Things They Carried” give us an imaginary situation of three men in the war being in love and dumped by their girlfriends at the same time whereas one of them is finding it very hard and painful.

Henry Dobbins in “Stocking” is described as a big and peaceful soldier who was showing his love towards his girl by wearing her stockings around his neck. He is fighting far away from home, thinking of somebody who he loves, believing that his girlfriends stocking around his neck will bring him luck “The pantyhose, he said, had the properties of a good-luck charm.” (O’Brien 117). The stockings for him maybe were not bringing any luck � maybe it was just a pure love towards his girlfriend and her smell that he was just simply too embarrassed to say it to other guys. The soldiers were making jokes about it anyway “There were some jokes, of course, but we came to appreciate the mystery of it all.” (O’Brien 118). When Henry had to live through a very bad day � a day when his girlfriend had dumped him he wasn’t angry or crying, he just said “No sweat, “he said, “The magic doesn’t go away.” (O’Brien 118). He peacefully kept on with his life. But he kept the stockings around his neck anyway just for luck.

For Mark Fossie in “Sweethearts of the Song Tra Bong” thing did not go smoothly not even for his love life. Some people, when they move to a different country, they become a subject of change under some influences and they may not even realize it. If we take Mark’s girlfriend, for example “She was seventeen years old, fresh out of Cleveland Heights Senior High” (O’Brien ). No one would ever think that such a girl, full of love for Mark Fossie would turn into an evil herself. But Mark Fossie new he was losing the love of his life but he couldn’t just say “No Sweat” and keep on going just like Henry Dobbins did. When Mark Fossie thought by bringing her to Vietnam will bring some brightness and happiness into his partially ruined life. Instead, it became a nightmare, and he couldn’t get away from it “Fossie hesitated. “But I can’t… If she is there, I mean, if she’s with somebody-““Oh, Christ.” (O’Brien 100).Mark couldn’t let it go. Love made him crazy, exposing him to the danger. It made him crazy enough to enter the Greenies compound searching for his girl. Maybe he should have sent back home a way earlier and to pray to god he stays alive so he can go back to his Marry Ann.

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