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Maturity in The Red Badge Of Courage

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Every boy will at one time experience a right of passage

into becoming a man. This right of passage is different for

everyone. For some, it is just getting older and learning

more. For others, this maturation is an event that changes

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the way we perceive things. For example, in The Red Badge of

Courage, Henry Fleming, the protagonist, was knocked over the

head with the butt of a gun.

As a child, Henry always wanted to be a military soldier.

Not just a soldier, a hero. It was his boyhood dream, and

against his mothers wishes, he enlisted. She was against his

joining the military, but she gave him advice to help him. He

finally joined the military, and once there begin to fear

running away when faced with battle. He always wanted to be

this military hero, but once the battlefield was just a day

away, he began to get thoughts of running away like a coward.

In truth, once he became faced with battle, he ran. He

figured it would be justified if the North lost. In addition,

he also further backed up this idea that it was natural to

run. He threw a pinecone at a squirrel, and when the squirrel

sprinted away, he said each being will do whatever it takes,

including running from danger, in order to preserve itself.

He later finds out that his regiment had held off the enemy

and he was not there to help.

After being hit over the head with the butt of a rifle,

he is led to his regiment, regiment 04, by an unknown man.

The leader of his troop says that his head must have been

grazed by a bullet while he was fighting with another

regiment. This idea convinces Henry that he must earn his

red badge of courage and not just get hit over the head with

a rifle. His cowardice which made him run from battle has now

become bravery by this single act. He later goes on to fight

the battle and leads his regiment to an unexpected victory

against the opposing South.

This maturation happens in all of us at different times

of our lives. This right of passage can only occur once Henry

can overcome his struggles with the two battlefields. The

first battlefield is the actual battlefield. Henry is new to

the military, so he has very little or no experience with

actual fighting. The other battlefield is inside himself. He

keeps fleeing from war out of fear. He cannot stay there,

although it is his boyhood dream. Another struggle is against

nature. Nature first appears after the initial battle when he

sees the sun through the treetops, and it remains tranquil

through all the fighting. Again, Henry is about to make a

speech after Jims death, and the sun seemingly stopped him.

Stephen Crane tries to convey the message that the universe

neither knows nor cares what happens to us. It will remain

the same for eternity.

Henrys right of passage came at a very important

time for him and his regiment. Although this right of

passage is different for all, it will occur at some point in

our lives. This will hopefully come at important time for us

and all involved.

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