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quotes of people

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A mEmOrY lAsTs 4EvEr. NeVeR dOeS iT dIe. TrUe FrIeNdS sTaY tOgEtHeR, aNd NeVeR sAy GoOdByE.

God created men first b/c u alwayz create a rough draft be4 u make a masterpeice!

God made mud... God made dirt... God made guys so girls could flirt!

Guys are like slinkies, its fun to watch them fall down the stairs

Write your quotes of people research paper

If ya need space, then join NASA!

Its a gurls world and guys just live in it

See my haylo Bright�n�shiny Mess with me Ill kick ur hiney

I Dont need Your Attitude, I Have One Of My Own

Its not an attitude, its the way I am!

Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are u, but the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowls empty and so is ur head

Im not a ditz I just lack common sense

do u believe in love at first site? or should i walk by again?

Star light ....Star bright .... where the heck is Mr. Right?

everyone’s entitled to be stupid but u are abusing the privilege

Dont play stupid with me-Im better at it.

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.

(Y) (Y)

( .)(. )

( )()( )o


(�¿�) peek-a-boo!



If youre going my way, Ill walk with you.

Im §uGaR & §piCe & EvErYtHiNg N¡Ce... b4 yOu Me§§ w/ Me... yOu ├če§t ThiNk twiCe



(boi)- see pet.


(g�rl)- see perfect.


(dawg)- see boy.



If it were supposed to feel good they wouldnt call it a crush.

Dont go for looks, they deceive, dont go for money, wait, go for money then when its gone, move on to the next guy!

i dOnT sWiM iN YoUr ToiLeT sO DoNt pEe iN My pOoL!

sarcasm keeps you from telling people what you really think of them

this day was a total waste of make-up

dont worry about knowing people, make yourself worth knowing

ONLY 10% of MEN go to HEAVEN, cuz if they ALL went it WOULD be HELL!

True friends are loving, true friends care, and at the end the true friends are always there.

You Know Im a Cutie &

You know you like my BOOTIE

Guys r Players... and thats a fact... Dont fall n love... just play em back!!

i am only ( age ) but i act like 18 and to all my friends out there, you know what i mean Us girls play around with with these things called boyz But they use us girls as designated toys!!

Girls are like fireworks there kiss lights up the night there hugs make everthing bright when they get mad they explode when they are happy they make everthing glow

you think ur so cool-- u think ur all that-- well ppsshh--- wuts up with that?

If its a good idea, go ahead and do it, its much easier to apologize then it is to get permission

you dont fail if you fall, you fail if you dont try to get up.

I look like an angel and act like one too...But u Never know what this Angel will do!


I asked God for a flower he gave me a garden

I asked for a tree he gave me a forest

I asked for a river he gave me an ocean

I asked for a friend he gave me you

~never fight with an ugly person~~they have nothing to loose!!~

Why does a rose represent love, when a rose always dies?

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Your village just called, their missing their idiot!

Ill try being nicer... If you try being smarter.

We werent sisters by birth, but we knew from the start... fate brought us together to be sisters by heart!

A DaY WiThOuT LiGhT iS.. LiKe... WeLL... UmMM.. NiGhT!

Dont smoke, cause itll make you choke .

I didnt ask to be a princess, but hey if the crown fits!!!


Everyone gets a chance in the spotlight, you can have it when Im done!


couriosity killed the cat but the monkey gets away with murder!

~ Girls cheat but we never get caught~

~ I am Too Much PRINCESS for one boy ~

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen.

If you really cared, you would leave me alone!

I dont have an Attitude Problem...Its supposed to be like this )

Whoever said that money cant buy happyness, anit been shoppin at the right malls~!

If practice makes perfect, and there is no such thing as perfect, why practice?

I Must Be Wishin On Someone Elses Star, Because SHE Keeps Gettin What Im Wishin For!!!

Im not a lie, Im not an illusion, Im a princess so whats the confusion?

in some cultures what i do iz considered normal

friends are like starz, u dont always see them but they r always there

if barbie is so popular....then y do u have buy her friends?

I dream of being the best

You dream of being better than me

I say to you.....DREAM ON!

True friends, like diamonds, are precious and rare. False friends, like autumn leaves, are found everywhere

FaItH Is bEliEviNg In tHiNgs WheN cOmMon sEnSe TelLs yOu nOT To!!!

Let the world roll along....Ill catch up later

Call me anytime, I wont be home.

My door is Always open, so feel free to leave!!

Live your dreams-Its not as hard as it may seem

if u dont like the way i drive, get off the sidewalk!

~Im an angel! Honest! The horns are just there to keep the halo up straight!


~U see, U like, U try, U fail...-mEaNwHiLe-...I see, I like, I want, I get!

~Im not a blonde!! Im knot! Im knot! Im knot!

~I smile b-cuz I have no idea what is going on

Silence is golden...but shouting is fun!

..i kno u think im cute..

..i kno u think im fine..

..but like the rest of the guyz..

..take a numba and wait in line..

CrOsS uR HaRt & hOpE DiE

ClOtHeZ & MaKeUp BoYs & LiEs

4EvA DeRe TiLL Da EnD

DeFiNiTiOn Of TrU BeSt FriENdz

if life were a box of chocolates ....I wouldnt eat it!!

I mAy nOt Be a bLoNd bUt i SuRe aM dUmB!!~

~ Roses Are Red ~

~ Violets Are Blue~

~ The Sun Is Hot ~

~ And So Are U ~

This is an inside joke and ur on the outside!

the only way to treat something deadly serious is to treat it lightly

~Anger is only one letter short of dAnger.~

Yew call me dumb, Yew call me stoopid! Its not my fault i like u, its cupids!!!

Computers A really hot one.....oops.....my fault.....thats my reflection

Hi. I am probably home. Im just avoiding someone I dont like. Leave me a message, and if I dont call back, its you

Dont think of it as losing, think of it as getting beat by a girl

If YoU dOnT LiKe WhAt YoU SeE...OoPs...

I fOrGoT EvErYoNe LiKeS wHaT tHeY SeE

If ThEyRe LoOkInG aT Me!!!!!!!!

Men r not pigs... pigs are cute, conciderate, and caring.

Ok, angels are all good and stuff? Wheres the fun in that?

I was here for you so long, now that you want me, ive moved on, found somebody new, hes even better then you

First God created man...THEN HE HAD A BETTER IDEA!!

Women Drivers - No Survivors - If You Dont Like The Way They Drive Get Off The Sidewalk!

Beauty is skin deep, but attitude is to the bone

Scientists say 1 out of every 4 people is crazy, check friends, if they are okay, youre it.

You know i wish you wouldnt lie to me , but some wishes dont come true!

Some Kiss Behind The Garden Gate Cuz Luv Is Blind, But Neighbors Aint

Know everyone you love but dont love everyone you know

when you judge others you dont define them you define yourself.....=)

100 memories, 00 jokes, 00 great times, 400 secrets

1 reason..


Im 8% BeAuTiFuL aNd % CrAzY... oR iS iT tHe OtHeR wAy RoUnD?

When all else fails, look cute

dont lie, cheat, or steal.. everything else is a go.

sometimes you need to run away to see who will follow you.

50% HOTTIE (°°) 0% Angel 10% Devil 0% Student

My mother told me not to talk to strangers. I never talk to myself anymore.

TGIF~ Thank God Im Female

Treat me like an angel and Ill be your lil devil!

Im Blonde, whats ur excuse?

..Be Sexy...Be True...Be Wild...Be You..


Dont look where you fall, but where you slipped.

~Rosez r red

Violetz r blu

Suga iz sweet

but revenge iz ~

Just cause your not paranoid, doesnt mean theyre not out to get you!

Its worse than you think, they ARE out to get you!

Its not When Wild Animals Attack!

Its more like When Stupid People Get Bit!

i love rainbows i love rain

i love u and ...........

um i forgot the rest but i think ur hot

Does anybody actually got milk???

Life doesnt suck totally...

we just havent gotten to the good parts yet...

-- If HeAveN iS MiSsIn An AnGeL

ThEn I MuSt Be aLiVe --

DiD iT lOoK LiKe I cArEd?¿?....

OoPs LeT mE tRy AgAiN!

Why do BOY bands sound like GIRLS?

7/5th of all people do not understand fractions.

Why do they call it French Kissing

if Americans do it the best?¿?


swimming is 10% chlorine and 0%intesnsity

The voices in my head dont like you.

Kitten (kitn) n Soft, cute, playful with fangs and claws.

~~ Sorry Ronald Mcdonald,

You did not make me smile ( ~~

~~~Cry me a river, build me a bridge,

then do us all a favor and jump off it!!~~~

When all else fails

look cute

Learn the rules…

then break them

~~ Blondes can Tease but Brunettes can please.~~

Being a gurl

1. We can wear guys clothes.If they wear ours, they get funny looks.

. Our friends dont say hello to us by punching us on the arm.

. Yea-PMS sucks.But at least we have a good excuse to chow down on chocolate for a week.

4. If were on a really big ship that happens to hit an iceberg, well probably get first dibs on a lifeboat.

5. We get the bigger apartment on Friends.

6. Girl talk. You know, how we just understand each other without having to explain stuff.

7. We never have to stand at a urinal and have other girls stare at us.

8. Dark circles under the eyes?A hickey?We can just cover them up with a little concealer. ( how do guys live without that stuff)?

. We dont have to shave our faces. (ouch that must hurt)

10. We can jump around a lot and shake our hair and it looks like we know how to dance.

1. We get yummy chocolates and flowers from guys!!

1. We dont have to dowse our food in Tabasco sauce just to look tough,


15. When we get married we get to keep our own name or choose one that we like even better.

16. We dont have to deal with sideburns. Whats up with those anyway?

17. At least one girl always survives in horror flicks.

18. We never have to wear tighty-whities (or jock straps)! omg!

1. Even if we are ugly we have make-up to fix it!

0. We can take stuffed animals to bed no matter how old we are.

1. We dont have to wear tuxedos to the prom.

. Nose hair, ear hair, back hair- so not a problem for us.

. SLUMBER PARTIES!Guys just dont know how much fun those are.

4. We dont have to worry about getting hurt, um, down there.

5. That special bond we have with our moms some day.

6. We dont feel the need to slap our teammates butt when she makes a good play.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the docs cute screw the fruit.

Friends are like starz; you cant always see them but you know theyre always there.

Friends are like four-leaf clovers, hard to find but lucky to have.

Dont say you love me if you dont mean it cuz i might do something stupid.... LIKE BELIEVE IT.

Guys are like toilets, theyre either occupied or full of crap.

Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.

When you cant look back, and youre scared to look ahead you can look right beside you

and i will always be there.

The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else.

Guys are like plungers, they spend most of their time in the toilet or the hardware store.

A memory lasts forever, never does it die, friends stay together and never say goodbye.

People walk in and out of your life but friends leave the footprints in your heart.

Friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Guys are like stars, theres a million of, but only one can make your dreams come true.

Everything is ok in the end, cuz if its not ok its not the end.

The difficulty isnt dying for a friend..... its finding one whos worth dying for.

Everyone hears what you have to say, friends hear what you say, best friends hear what you

dont say.

The more i get to know guys, the more i start to like dogs.

Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.

Some people make the world special by being in it.

You laugh because im different, i laugh cuz youre all the same.

I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pajamas, and put on my prayers, turned off the

bed, and hopped in the light, all because you kissed me goodnight.

Guys are like roses, watch out for the pricks.

Im ThAt ShOcKiN, BoDy RoCkIn, SitTiN hIgH, lOokIn FlY, pReTtY sLiCk, SeXy ChIcK, pReTtY eYeS, dEviLiSh StArE, gOt OtHeR giRLs sAyIn ItS nOt FaIr, SwEeT aNd SeXy, OnE oF a KiNd, AnD oF cOuRsE, yOu KnOw iLL bLoW yOuR mInD!

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