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The Crucible

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A world full of fear, envy, and pride is boiling in a fragile pot at its breaking point. Ready to set off massive hysteria. These attributes, put to the extreme, can surely mean the end for a civilization no matter how great. A person with these characteristics cannot possibly function, blinded by their envy, hidden by their pride and forgotten by their fear. If one person can be this affected by their problems, can you possibly imagine a village with these symptoms? In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” envy, fear, and pride are just some of the ingredients displayed in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch-hunt.

Fear was a key factor that helps throw this village off the cliff. Everyone in the village did some sort of act out of fear. The very thought of fear is enough to cause people to do the unthinkable. For example, Abigail drank blood out of the fear of losing John, the man she lusted over. Abigail was blind by her love for John by her obsession that one day she may be the next Goody Proctor. Her fear of being caught caused her to do things that she might not have done if she did not contain fear in her consciences. Abigail’s sudden psychotic outburst were not the only ones fuel by fear, the girls also falter by bending to her wishes and following her lead of accusing anyone that stood in her way. Her uncle, Reverend Parris, was another of the numerous victims of fear. Reverend Parris kept significant information from the court to keep his job as a minister and to protect his reputation in the town. He could not afford having his daughter and niece committing unholy acts in his home while holding such high authority in the town. Parris was a spineless coward that let silence take over his righteousness. Names were blurted out in the courtroom because of the fear of being hanged. Fear won the battle between evil and good in Salem.

Another trait of character that spells doom in bold letters is envy. Envy brings jealousy and jealousy brings hate. Envy was the quality that everyone but a few in the village suffered from. Mrs. Putnam had great envy towards Rebecca Nurse because she had many children and numerous grandchildren where as Mrs. Putnam only had one child, Betty. Mrs. Putnam’s envy and jealousy towards Rebecca was so great that it turned to loathe. Her envy drove her to accuse Rebecca Nurse of been a witch. Mrs. Putnam’s envy made her crazy, driving her to the point of accusing someone so innocent as Rebecca. Abigail, our top villain, had a bad attribute of envy. She had a strong passion of envy towards Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, she could not stand that Elizabeth has John’s love. Abigail’s envy caused her start this whole madness in the village. Abigail went through long lengths to get John to think of her softly, but John did not give in to her. Abigail was a psychotic girl who was a hazard to herself and the people around her. Envy creates jealousy, jealousy fuels hatred, hatred made these people condemn the innocent. Envy is a quality that played a big role in the village’s hysterical reaction to witchcraft.

Pride plays another huge part in the story. Some of Salem’s most respected people were accused of witchcraft. Many of those that were accused decided to keep their pride by not confessing and by tying their names to lies. They were too proud to admit to a lie, so their pride cost them their lives. John Proctor, Giles Corey, Goody Osburn, Rebecca Nurse, and many others were put to death for their silence and refusal to declare a lie. Giles Corey was a great example of pride. Instead of turning on a friend and putting him at risk, he decided to put his life on the line. He said nothing to the court officials and so they put him death along with his pride. Another great example of pride is John Proctor and his confession. All he needed to do is sign his name and he was a free man, but John took the road less travel and stuck to his morals. He would rather die than be stripped of his pride, which was his name. The name that had more pride than those than confessed.

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Fear, envy, and pride were only some of the elements used to set a small town, like Salem, into a total self-destruction mode as demonstrated in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. I hope we learn from this tragedy and that we prevent from history getting to repeat itself.

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