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Conflict management style

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The fact that I am working in a very demand, professional and “involve with a lot

of money” company force the people to think twice before getting into a conflict.

If somebody get to a conflict on human power or on support to the customer, he and the

other side will try to look for the best solution for the company, money wise, or to the

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customer, which mean better support.

In any conflict that we have with the internal customer, the best way to deal with that is

to bring a lot of information that will support that side in the conflict.

For example we had one part that we use to replace it a lot, which cost us money, time,

labor hours and customer satisfaction, I couldn’t go to the R&D group and tell them to fix

that issue, they ask for information about the problem, in how many tools it happen, what

was the problem, what was the sequence that led to that problem etc…

Since I already work for my company for more then years, when I had that issue I

started to collect data about that issue, and only then I could go to the R&D, I know that

they will treat my request.

In that way I come to a conflict ready and I save time by collecting all the information

before they ask me to, save money by replacing the parts with the manufacture warranty


and save customer satisfaction by solving the problem faster and without any cost to the


That approach is well recognize in my workplace, I have an experience with

people that throwing word to the sky without any support information, even if everybody

know that they are right, without support data nobody will take that guy seriously.

In order to benefit from the conflict I am trying to make the conflict to be

constructive conflict and not destructive conflict.

That mean that the outcome of the conflict will be something that everybody will benefit

from it and learn from it. It also provide the people that involve with the conflict to

discuss the situation and try to get to the best solution that possible in the given conflict.

Another thing that constructive conflict can bring is group productivity.

In destructive conflict every side is pulling to his side not for the right reasons. The

reasons can be bigger manager, experience in the work, negativism etc…

Destructive conflict is leads to hardening the position without logic behind that, it casing

the group to divide into small camps, the group productivity is decreasing and the team

work is no longer exist.

Being aware of a coming conflict is in my eyes at least half of the resolution.

I can be prepare to that conflict by preparing some data on that issue, or to bring with me

some people that had some previous experience on a very similar cases and can support

me in that conflict.

Not all the conflict can be resolve by collecting data. Some of them even that the data is

there and everybody agree on the reliability of the data still the parties disagree on the


best way to solve the problem. each side want to do it in his own way or with his own

people or recourses in order to get the money or the credit in the end.

Sometime the parties are agree on the data as well on the best way to solve the issue but

still they have some issues with who will do it and other things that can delay the

resolving of the conflict, in these cases the best way to solve the conflict is to bring

somebody with authority that both of the side agree on who is it, and he will decide on

the solution.

That way of solving issue is quit common in the low world but I personally never saw it

in my or any of my friends workplace.

Summery In summery, it is easier to solve the conflict if you collect some data

that will back your side. If both of the side agree to the data then it is become much easier

to solve the conflict.

It is better to adopt a professional way to deal with conflict and not personal.

The best way to deal with a conflict is to make it constructive conflict and not destructive


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