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My Pappa's Waltz

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Custom Essays on My Pappa's Waltz


Theodore Roethke in “My Papa’s Waltz,” is discussing spending time with his father. “My Papa’s Waltz” brings questions of physical and mental abuse in regard to Roethke as a child. “The whiskey on your breath could make a small boy dizzy”, is an indication of a disaster waiting to happen. Most individuals cannot operate properly under the influence of a large consumption of alcohol. Roethke’s father being drunk, romping around, and striking Roethke might indicate that child abuse is taking place.

The physical danger in the type of waltzing they are doing is indicated when Roethke states, “At every step you missed, my right ear scraped a buckle” (4). Roethke received scrapes on his ear due to his father being to rough with him. This type of dangerous activity is uncalled for and nothing was being done to stop it as indicated when Roethke states, “My mother’s countenance, could not unfrown itself” (4). Long-term emotional danger could occur due to his mother standing by quietly as he was beaten. Roethke may not have a great deal of respect or trust for women due to her silence. He may also unconsciously feel this type of behavior is suitable for his children, and so the cycle would continue on.

The following statement might suggest child abuse. “You beat time on my head, with a palm caked hard by dirt” (4). This phrase from the poem also tells a story of a hard working father who has not even been home to clean up after work. Roekthe’s father probably went to the bars after work before coming home and then let out his frustrations on his family. “We romped until the pans slid from the kitchen shelf” (4), indicates that his father is loud and clumsy when drunk. Roethke’s father increases his chance of hurting someone while being clumsy and drunk.

Roethke is feeling fear while his father performs his “waltz”. “But I hung on like death” (4), is a strong sign of fear running through Roekthe. The word “death” in this sentence draws a great deal of attention. “Death” is a strong word. The word has different meanings in which it can be used in a sentence. Roethke is using the word “death” to describe his “waltz” with his father. Picture a frightened young boy clinging to his father as he is “waltzing” around the house, but then again “Such waltzing was not easy” (4). This type of fear can deeply affect the way a child perceives his father. A child should feel safe and secure by his father. A child should feel comfortable with the presence of his father. In this situation Roethke does feel neither safe nor comfortable with the presence of his father.

Roethke’s “waltz” is very similar to a terrible storm with loud thunder and electrifying lightning. “Then waltzed me off to bed, still clinging to your shirt” (4), creates a vision of a thunderstorm. Fear and excitement run through the spine while being caught at the mercy of a dangerous storm. Similar to the fear that Roethke possibly felt with his physical father. The only thing left after a bad storm is a terrible mess and memories. The memories that Roethke has of his father do not seem to be pleasant ones. The damage has been done. He still thinks about the times he would “waltz” with his drunken father. Roethke still pictures his mother’s face, as she would stand by in silence through out his “waltz”.

Child abuse is a serious crime and can be fatal. A child could break a bone or receive a fatal blow to the head. An individual under the influence of alcohol may not realize the amount of strength he or she is using on another human being. The emotional damage would probably be the most dangerous for Roethke. He may feel as if he needs to display high physical aggression toward other men due to the roughness of his father. He may also feel the need to display the same amount of aggression toward women in a manner to display his power.

I have not had experiences to the extent of Roethke. I am an only child and was raised by only my mother. Similar to Roethke’s father she would go out drinking after work. She would come home buzzed, but not drunk. Her behavior toward me was one of care and concern. We would talk about my day at school, and she would tell me about her friends. There was never an abusive type of situation like Roethke encountered with his father. Occasionally we would rough house, but no one ever got hurt and it was all in fun. I cannot relate to Roethke in the sense of abuse, but I can imagine that it must have been very difficult for him to interact with his father.

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