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The Wanderer"

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The use of Imagery in “The Wanderer”

“Homeless and helpless he fled from fate. Thus saith the wanderer mindful of misery.” (5-6) In, “The Wanderer” the translator, Charles W. Kennedy, shows a sorrowful, hopeless, and lonely man. It talks of his longing for someone and the remembering of his past and all the warmth and love there used to be. This shows signs of depression and misery. The poet’s use of imagery in “The Wanderer” reinforces the wanderer’s feelings of loneliness and isolation.

First, the imagery shown of how lonely the wanderer feels is very effective. It lets the reader feel as though they were the wanderer. “No man is living, no comrade left” (10) is how he is all alone in the world and has to “fetter my feelings, far from my skin.” (1) to not lose control of himself. He has no hope left and “gone is that gladness, and again shall come the loved counsel of comrade and king.” (-4) It depicts “Even in slumber his sorrow assaileth.” (5) And he starts lonely-hearted.” () The poet does an excellent job of allowing the reader to feel his loneliness, sadness, and longing for companionship.

Secondly, the wanderer feels isolated because no one is around. It does not matter how far away he goes because no one will be there to greet him, “his fortune is exile” (8) “Earth’s winsomeness dead” (0) and now he must learn to adjust. He tries to recapture his past “old comrades remembered. But they melt into the air with no word of greeting to gladden his heart.” He “deeply ponders this darkling life” and finds no good in it.

Custom Essays on The Wanderer"

The poet of “The Wanderer” does a fabulous job of reinforcing the wanderer’s feelings of loneliness and isolation. He talks of “kinsmen slaughtered “ (7) and “frozen waves.” (4) He recollects of the wanderer’s past and how he will never be that happy again. He shows his longing for a companion and the depression he begins to set into. All of these things are reminding the reader of his sadness shown through imagery.

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