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Avocado and Artichoke

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In Helen Bus Mitchell’s, Roots of Wisdom, she describe two models of human nature. She uses avocados and artichokes as models for explanation. The avocado is used as an example because it is a fruit with a core that can be planted to reproduce more avocados. The core provides all the information on the elements of an avocado. The avocado has the same type of structure as a human, with an outer layer and a core where the personality and characteristics lie. On the other hand, the artichoke has many layers and a base. The base is also known as the “heart” of the artichoke, but it doesn’t have the “essence” of the artichoke. Unlike the avocado, and artichoke cannot be used to reproduced a new artichoke. In analyzing society in the twenty-first century, the artchoke model provides the most promising explanation of human nature.

The Judaic and Christian tradition believe in the avocado view of human nature.

They believe that humans are different from other living being because they are unique and are created in the image of God. These traditions believe that God has created each of us with common human nature. Mitchell cites Plato’s beliefs that, unlike other creatures, human have the capability of reasoning. The soul justifies human superiority and distinguishes us from animals.

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The artichokes view of human nature can be traced to the Greek belief that there is a protean self that can take many forms. It is believed that we do not contain a core that shows our individuality. Instead, because society is constantly changing, we make layers for ourselves to adapt to these changes. The artichoke, as a model, consists of a base and not a core. The base helps us chose our own paths in life and directs our conduct.

I believe that the effect of the modernity and diversity are the reason why the 1st century society fits in to the artichoke model. The world is always changing and people must adjust their lives in order to feel comfortable. Like that structure of an artichoke, everyone has a interior base, but as they grow older they keep adding new layers. In the telecast programs, For the love of wisdom, Katrina Golden, a Jungian psychologist, provides an argument for this point. She says that it is believed that we are born with our base and as we interact with the world our personality is shaped into the way we want it to be and by environment factors. I agree with Golden because she further explain how we develop a persona, a mask, that is not our true self. We start with our base and along the years, we are molded into a sculpture that is description of our personalities. Our personality can be modified whenever we feel it is necessary and when we need to fit in with the world.

Some people may believe that the avocado model seems more promising when facing the challenges of the 1st century, because they believe that God has create a universally significant core for them. On the other hand, people in the east and parts of africa are closely connected to the artichoke view because they believe in another type of theology. So as long as society is changing, we are all going to alter ourselves in some ways to feel comfortable in out own environment.

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