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Bobo the clown

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#4 The Mission and Romero

The most important issue raised in both The Mission and Romero was that of authority. In both films, there was a battle between what was best for the church and what was best for the people. In Romero, the Church wanted to stay out of the Civil War that was taking place in El Salvador, yet Romero felt a moral obligation to cry out against the injustice taking place in his nation. In The Mission, the Church wanted to take sides in the political dispute over the land in question, and the priest in charge had to decide between obeying his superiors or protecting the people he was supposed to help.

Another similar issue raised in the two movies was that of passivity. In Romero, the Arch Bishop was told to remain passive in the struggle, whereas he felt the need to help his “flock”. Also, his own priests were taking up arms in the struggle, and he himself rebuked them, telling them to love rather than kill, so Romero fought with himself as to the degree of resistance required. In The Mission, the head priest at the mission decided to remain passive in the struggle, yet he was killed regardless. The ex-mercenary fought back and met the same death, so it can be said that neither approach to the conflict was acceptable.

In the Modern World, these issues are still somewhat pertinent. The hold of the church is slipping, so the question of whether or not to submit to the traditional church is still relevant. Also, the question of passivity is still very important to Latin America. Venezuela and Columbia are both in the midst of major struggles, and the populations of the two countries now must choose between a diplomatic solution and an armed struggle. Diplomatic means have not succeeded, so it would not b surprising if a major armed struggle erupted in either of these countries.

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#5 Distopias

The most noticeable of the three elements of modern life that was satirized in our readings is that of the job. In 1884, the man, instead of being a reporter and revealing state secrets, the dream of every modern reporter, makes up lies to conceal the mistakes of the state. In The Handmaid’s Tale, Offred is sent out shopping, and can only show her tokens and be given what she can afford. In Brave New World, the man gives a tour to a group of aspiring new students who will soon be modifying the race of man for a living.

The second element is that of advancement. In all of the distopias, civilization has advanced, and yet it hasn’t. In Sleeper, the world’s resources are more limited than before, and all of our current medical advances are shown to be lies. In

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