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economic, geographic and social factors of slavery

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1) How did the economic, geographic, and social factors encourage the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the southern colonies between 1607 and 1775?

The climate of the southern colonies was the warmest climate of the three colonial regions. The geography of the southern colonies was broad with coastal plains and some forests. The rich soil, flat ground, and longer growing seasons made the southern colonies dominant producers of the agriculture. Being such great producers of agriculture called for much farm labor, and the more people that were working on the farm, the more money that was produced. Plantations specialized in growing one or two cash crops and were very large. The southern colonists took advantage of the slavery deal, and made the slaves an important part of the economy. Many slaves would work on the farms, and some in the kitchens. The slaves produced lots of economic growth for the southern colonies. The land produced major cash crops of tobacco and rice, therefore most of the slaves were working in the fields. The warm, moist climate carried diseases that killed slaves and colonists, and the crops were constantly being pertained to, so the growth of slavery in this area was massive. alsdkfj la;sdkf a;sldkf saldkfjlskjf ls djflsdkf sl ldkf sldkf slf ls flsd flsdfskd fls sldfdsd flsj flsjd flsdjflkjf lskdf lsd flsk fsfs flsdklddfjlsdk lskfsdkfsdkfsd jflskd flsd jflsd jflsd jflkjdl fksj ldf slkfslflsfsdk sdkf lskdj l ls djfls dkfjl l skdlsdj l jsdllsd jfls jfls jdlf sjflsj flsj fls jlfsl flsjflsj flsj fls jdfl sjlfsl flsjfls jflsj lfj slfsl jfls jfls jdfl sdflsd jfl sjdf sld fl sdjfl sdlf slj flsj ld sld flsd fl sdsl fsdlj fl sdjfl sdlflsdjjf slj fls fl s fsl jflsj f sdlfsld jflsj fsl fjsl fls f sdlfjsl fjsl flsd fls fl slf sdlfsl jfls djfl sflsjlfsld flsd f sld fsl jfsdjl fsj dfsjfj ljll sljs sljslj flj ljs ljsdl jfljs dfslj fsljfsld fsl f s fslj f slfsjl fjlsdjfsl jsdl jsl jslj f s f ljslj fsjl f lslj ljsdljfsjl fjsljfjsljsl j fs fs ljlj fsljfjl sdfsjl flsj dfsj lflj sdljj lsdkja;;aa; a; a ;alkk lkdkd kdlkd k dlk dkd ldk dl kdldk ld dlk dlkd lksljlsk e e leke ek ke eke kek ekekek ekk ek ek ekek e kejlkejnie eleolenone oneoe oeno enoeo eon eoen oen oen oen eoneon eo neo neon eon eon eoneoneoneo e oen oe noenoen eonoe

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