Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Falling Love

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A Day to Remember

We fly into Orlando F.L. Sunday night to visit Tim’s parents. Tim and I had already flown down over the holidays to visit my parents. They have lived in Florida for several years now.

We settle in for the night at his parent’s house. We prepare to meet my Mother at Busch Gardens the next morning to spend the day with her.

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Tim and I have our usual breakfast with his parents. We load up the car and get ready for a fun filled day at Bush Gardens.

On our road trip we make our usual stops for drinks and money. I purchase a pair of gas station sunglasses. They were blue shades with a heart in one of the corners. Tim really hits up the ATM. Not sure why but I don’t ponder the thought.

As we are traveling on the expressway Tim turns off on the wrong exit for Busch Gardens. Knowing the area wel, I inform him that now we are now going the wrong way.

He responds, “No, you know that two way by Busch Gardens? Your Mom told me if we go this way that we will hit that route, then cut down. Don’t worry it is a short cut.”

Okay, so I give him another 5 minutes. My frustration is growing at this point. We had planned to meet my Mom at 10am and now it is 50am. We are going to be late. We should have never taken that exit! I was positive of this.

I express my discomfort. “Tim this is ridicules,” I pick up my phone to yell at my Mom, for such absurd directions. “We are about to be in Zephyrhills, where I go skydiving. This makes no sense!”

Tim then informs me to hang up the phone and not to call my Mom. He says “Listen, when we get to Zephyrhills can you get us to Skydive City? We’re going Skydiving.”

“What? Why? Like you would really go skydiving Tim,” I reply.

“Well we’re going. So you better get us there,” Tim answers.

I could hardly believe it. I had asked him before if he would go skydiving with me and he said, “No way!” Holy Cow! He is serious. Sure enough we got to the sight. There’s Mom, What? He had this all planned out I am shocked!

While purchasing the packages he wants to get videos for both of us. “Honey, that is not needed I already have two tapes.” I was just trying to save money. He responds saying, “ Hon, step back I got this.” Whoa, okay�I think to myself, as I step back.

We go through our practice drills. Go to the plane very promptly. Then in no time Tim was out, then I followed behind. I still can’t believe he did this. I am so proud of him. He seems so at ease. Both of us have a cameraman so we both could remember this day forever.

As I was under the parachute with my tandem Master I stated, “Wow, I can’t believe he did this. This is amazing! I am going to have to marry this kid someday.”

Perfect landing. After I land I run up to Tim, give him a big hug, and tell him how proud of him I am. Then something silly occurs. He starts all this I love you stuff in front of all these people and cameras.

“Honey, I see your dreams. I hear your thoughts. I feel your love. I am sooo much in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. (As he pulls out a ring box, then gets on one knee). Will you marry me?” He asks.

Oh my gosh! He did not. I was absolutely dumbfounded, breathless, and full of joy. I catch my breath and say, “Absolutely, of Course I will.”

For the rest of our lives we will have these treasured videos to look back on. Tim out did himself. He completely pulled this adventure off behind my back. He had everything planned to a T. He even had a late lunch planned with my Dad.

I consider myself one of the luckiest girls ever, because of the fact that Tim will forever be my great adventure!

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