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Gambling in America

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Gambling in America

Gambling In America

The gambling scenery in America has changed since the early 1600s when gambling was brought over from England. The original Colonies use gambling, such as lotteries, for fundraisers. These fundraisers financed projects, such as churches, hospitals, libraries, and shipping facilities. Now in the new millennium the researcher of this paper is discussing the new types of gambling available, Pathological and problem gamblers, and programs that benefit from gambling.

There are many different types of gambling available some are casinos, racetracks, and Internet gambling. The biggest gambling industry is casinos. Most casinos are operated on Indian reservations. In 188, Indian casinos had revenues of only $100 million. By 001, they had increased to $1.7 billion. (National Indian Gaming Commission). Another growing gambling industry are racetracks with slot machine in them, also known as ‘racino”. Though horse and dog races are on a decline they are still currently legal in 41 states. Internet gambling is though the most questionable gambling industry. There is an estimated about 1,800 Internet gambling sites. (McCoy, 00) The U.S. Justice Department does not consider Internet gambling legal, and they are working on outlawing cyber-gambling.

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There is a lot of controversy about wither or not gambling is becoming a serious problem. With the increase of convenience gambling found everywhere, critics are concerned that this will increase pathological and problem gamblers.

Gambling in America 4

Some funds brought in by gamblers go to support lines and groups that help people with gambling problems. Some states have made efforts to subdue the promotion of gambling by restricting advertisements in the communities. Studies conducted for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) estimated that about 1 percent of the population or about million people are pathological gamblers. (NCISC, Ch. 7)

Supporters of gambling say that many programs benefit from gambling. The state government is one of the most beneficial programs from gambling. State lotteries are one of the contributors that make the most money for the state government. The State then contributes the funding from gambling to education purposes. The grants that are award to schools are sometimes funded by legal lotteries and other gambling activities. Programs such as TOPS a scholarships program for college students are funded by gambling activities. This action of funding for education is not encourage by all people. With the increasing large number of casinos and other gambling facilities being built, they do supply hundred of job opportunities. Some areas that were once poor in economic opportunities are now rich with jobs within casinos and other gambling industries.

In conclusion, one cans see the pros and cons of gambling in America. The researcher of this paper has discussed some different types of gambling industries, the awareness of Pathological and problem gamblers, and programs that benefit from gambling. The (NGISC) warned that gambling is growing so fast that it may be surpassing the ability of federal and state authorities to control it. (NGISC, Ch. 1)

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