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Ghandi - Courage is necessarey to win a war

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Courage is necessary to win a war.

The definition of courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution. Gandhi had great courage all through his life and used it to win wars. The way Gandhi won these wars was through Satyagraha, which means truth-force. This truth-force required that Gandhi and his followers announce their aims, then take action without violence and finally negotiate with their opponents. Satyagraha, which has also been called non-violent resistance only broke a law or took action when something was unjust. Gandhi showed his courage by using this method of protest and in the end gave India its independence.

Gandhi’s use of Satyagraha began in South Africa, where he had gone to take on a job as a lawyer for disputing shipping companies. Africa at this time was a part of the British Empire and had the British system of law, but the Indian minority was often denied the rights of British subjects by English officials. After Gandhi had finished his business in Africa, he stayed there and focused his energy on fighting for Indian rights. The Indians in Africa were required to have passes that showed their Indian status, while the British did not have to carry any similar passes. Gandhi decided that the way to eliminate this difference was by burning the passes. The British warned Gandhi and his followers that they would be arrested if they burned the passes that were government property. The passes were burned anyway and Gandhi was beaten even though he did not resist arrest. This showed great courage on Gandhi’s part; he was not afraid to be beaten or arrested just to eliminate the boundaries between the British and Indians in Africa.

Another incident in South Africa was when contracted mine laborers walked out on their job with Gandhi. The owner of the mine warned them and asked to stop their walkout. Gandhi told the owner that when their comrades were freed from jail they would go back to work. Even though Gandhi and his followers were warned, they continued marching and when charging cavalry came their way they all lay down on the ground and none of them were hurt. The cavalry backed off and they marched on. This showed enormous courage for Gandhi and his followers; they kept on going even though danger was on the way.

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After his accomplishments in South Africa, Gandhi went back to his homeland of India. Over the next few years Gandhi provoked the British Empire by boycotting British goods and trying to prove that India was ready for this independence. But the British did not stand down and Gandhi was arrested and sent to jail for six years for spreading anti-government propaganda. When he came back from jail, India was in a bad state. The Muslims and Hindus were at each other’s throats and were not backing down. Gandhi’s solution to this hatred was an extreme form of Satyagraha; he would fast for three weeks. This worked for the time being. Hindu’s and Muslims made an attempt to be friendly to each other, yet this problem was so deep that not even Gandhi could solve it completely. This incident showed that Gandhi gave up his well being so that the people of India would act as brothers and not as enemies.

Another important incident in the quest for an independent India was the Salt March. The British government had made it illegal for Indians to make their own salt, and to many this symbolized Indians depending on the British, just as they depend on salt, for life. Gandhi planned to march 40 miles from his home to the sea to make salt, and thousand of people walked with him. After the Salt march reached it’s destination everyone started to make their own salt, and it was being sold on the streets. During this time 0,000 to 100,000 people were arrested and Gandhi was one of them. While all these people were in jail, more of Gandhi’s followers take salt from a saltworks. Soliders lined up outside the gate to the saltworks and as each man came up they would beat them and the woman would carry that man away. This incident went on for many hours and many people were injured but not one fought back. This courage to stand up for what they believe in and not fight back was absolutely amazing. The people who tried to get into the saltworks gave up their physical well being to prove a point.

Gandhi and his followers showed great courage in all the protests they made. Without this courage India may have never of gotten its Independence at that time. So all in all, “Courage is necessary to win a war.”

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