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Gypsy Moth

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Gypsy Moth

Hello, I am a female gypsy moth. I live in the cooler places. I am more common than a butterfly. I know that because when I was a little baby which everyone here calls it “larva stage”, my parents who I was real proud of, taught me everything as they could about our lifecycle.

It all began when my parents mate and hatched thousands of eggs in the spring. I was attached to a leaf where I can be safe and have enough food to eat. My brothers and sisters were attached on trees, rocks, houses, and just about any other convenient objects. When I hatched, I saw my mommy with beautiful wings and she was white and I saw my daddy with a brown colored body, front of me smiling happily.

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I was then a caterpillar which was another stage called larva. I could move and eat. I climbed into tree canopies and began feeding. I ate leaves of oaks, hawthorns, and crabapples. Then after or three days my family got tired of that tree, we needed to do some moving! So my parents were flying into another tree while I had to produce a silken thread, which could carry me in the wind, like a balloon. My family’s feeding continued from winter and throughout the rest of the spring. As I grew, I consumed between 5 to 5 leaves. I asked my mommy when my feeding would be done so I could become a pupa, she said, “ you will be becoming one in the month of June.” When the month finally came, I was so excited.

I was done feeding myself and I enter the pupil stage from which adult moths emerge in 10 to 14 days. When I became an adult, I had beautiful wings and the color of my body was white and pretty. I was all alone and independent. My parents were dead because a predator ate them, a lizard, a spider, bat that I should be, caution from them. I had no clue where did my brothers and sisters go? But I didn’t cared much about them because I know they must be living the same life what I am living right now.

One day I was flying during the day looking for a place to rest, suddenly, I bumped into a beautiful colored female butterfly. I didn’t know her that much. The only thing I knew was that she was a butterfly who is very friendly and looks almost just like me. I got to know her more (her life story) and she got to know mine. One thing was a big problem between us, which was that I could only meet her for a short time because I am more awake and active during the night while she is during the day.

On night, I used my ears to detect bats over a distance of 0 meters. Then a bat was detected me reacted differently, there was another one who changed its flight direction, which was coming to attack me, closed its wings and dropped itself to the ground. I was all happy and so were everyone else who was hidden behind trees or leaves because I confused the bats with my sound.

When it was time, I found a suitable mate from my scent “ perfume” which male adults can be attracted and find the right female which is called a pheromone. The male I found was very loving. Then one night, I produced thousands of eggs during mid- July. They finally hatched on the following spring. I was very proud but one day I left my kids, which they were all adult by then to live somewhere else. Unfortunately, my husband and I were attacked by a spider and were eaten till death.

Now I am in heaven smiling upon my beautiful world. I hope u liked my story was interesting to you.

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