Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i hate school

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i do not like school it is very stupid“7- 1- 4- - - ” announced the man on the radio.

“SWEET LORD!” I screamed in surprise, “I WON!”

I had just won the jackpot in the Pennsylvania lottery. I did not know what to do with myself. After running around my house for several minutes, I finally composed myself, got in my car, and was off to claim my prize.

“Wake up!” shouted my dad, growing frustrated.

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“O jeez” I thought to my self, “I was just a multi-millionaire, now here I am in my normal 16-year old life.”

Disappointed, I tried to prolong the happiness I just felt as long as possible by staying in the comfort of my bed. I just could not part with my large fluffy pillow and my warm comforter. Something about my bed just would not let me leave, my eyelids grew heavy and I was eventually back to cashing my ticket.

“RENA MARLANIA, NOW!” ordered my father.

I decided he was right, as I forced my self to roll over. My warm bare feet hit the cold carpet and sent a chill through me. It was as if my surroundings were actually telling me not to leave my bed. Nevertheless, I stood up and clunked down the stairs with sheer clumsiness. As I trekked to the bathroom, I dreaded the day ahead of me and was yearning to go back to my cozy bed. Still hopelessly tired, I yawned and turned on the water. I hopped in and as I showered, I caught myself dozing off with visions of my lottery money still in my head. Once again, I snapped out of it, and came back to the real world. I reached for the shampoo, squirted it into my hand, then slathered the fragrant substance through my hair. As it foamed up, it ran down my face and stung my tired eyes.

“Would you hurry up in there?” interrogated my brother, “We have 15 minutes and I want to get a shower to, you know?”

I ignored him and finished my exhausting shower. I then grabbed a towel, wrapped myself up and stumbled back upstairs. Upon entering my room, I realized I did not know what I was to wear. I collapsed to my knees and quickly began rummaging through a mass of clothes laying on the floor. I had no hope of finding clothes this way, so I arose to my feet and began to search my closet for an outfit. I would pull a shirt from its hanger, give it an awkward look then toss it behind me and let it float gracefully to my cluttered floor. After I had done this several times I finally found a shirt that I could wear, grabbed jeans and got dressed. Remembering my brother was still in the shower, I walked as quietly as possible through my mother’s room and to her bathroom. I tried to close the door quietly behind me, even though it made a loud creak. I combed my wet matted hair, then proceeded to dry it.

How fortunate we are to have you join the panel of judges who will select the winners of the dance contest to be held

You will be joined on the panel by selected faculty members from Twin Cities University and local high schools. It is especially fitting, though, to have a professional critic on the panel.

Your insistence on serving without honorarium is most commendable. Please knew how grateful we are.

As the contest date nears, I’ll send a friendly reminder.

Cordially yours

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