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Increased Lunch Privileges For High School Seniors

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Meals are important cultural events. They are a time, not only for ingesting essential nutrients, but for conversation, companionship, and sharing. Atmosphere is important to this process. Our new and expensive school, has a much nicer cafeteria than was afforded on Winn Street. Nevertheless, the lack of freedom at Marietta High School regarding the cultural event of the midday meal is not acceptable. The current school policy is that no student may leave the campus during his or her lunch period. This policy should be changed. High school seniors who have met certain specific requirements designed to measure a level of responsibility, should be allowed to leave the school for lunch.

Most of the senior population have dined in the same type of environment since elementary school . They have experienced much of the same food and been exposed to many of the same people. The meals and environments offered at public secondary schools, in general, do not encourage the interaction that results in important cultural events. The lines are long and the food is dull. It is different in institutions of higher learning. There is a clear difference between how college and high school students eat. The college student has much greater choice as to what, when, and how to take his or her meals, while the high school student’s freedom in these areas is much more restricted. A college student has many more choices as to quantity and quality of his or her meals. For example, many colleges offer a broad cafeteria selection for all meals and also allow students to take meals off campus at their discretion. The University of the South, as an example, is a small liberal arts college northwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee, which offers these kinds of choices. In high school, teachers are always trying to prepare their students for college. A good way to get used to college is to experience a college-like environment. Qualified responsible seniors should be able to experience situations and environments similar to what they will be experiencing in college. A good place to start is with lunch.

A good time to start is now, since the relocation of Marietta High School has opened up many new lunch possibilities. While the “no leaving campus for lunch” rule made some sense when we were located on Winn Street, the main reason for that rule disappeared with our move to Whitlock Avenue. At the old high school there were no nearby eating areas, and nobody really had enough time to leave the campus and return before class. The new location of the high school is perfect for off campus lunch. There are a variety of different places to eat, all within a very short drive, or even walking distance, from school. The close proximity of places to eat affords sufficient time to travel, dine and return. We should take advantage of our new location to do that.

By the time a student reaches his or her senior high school year, he or she should have matured and begun to take on the role of a functioning member of society. The ability to leave the school campus should not be taken lightly by any senior at Marietta High School. This ability should be considered a privilege, not an option. For a student to be given the privilege of leaving the campus for lunch, he or she should have earned at least a .0 GPA. The student should also have minimum disciplinary problems. Finally, an application form and parental permission should be required. This would create a school record of those students given these privileges, insure that parents have agreed to the arrangement, limit the school’s liability, and give the school a way to monitor the student’s continued eligibility for the privilege.

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One argument against students leaving the school grounds for lunch is that there might be an accident for which the school would be held accountable. However, many students, mostly upper classmen, already drive back and forth from their home to school every day. Many students also come from and return to the campus at various times during the day because of their enrollment in DCT and Executive Internship programs. If the school is concerned with students getting into wrecks, it could provide some kind of driver release form that addresses that concern with the parents or legal guardians. If the parents or guardians approves of the release of their child then the student should be allowed to leave the campus. This same procedure is used when a student wishes to leave campus for a doctor’s appointment. The parent is required to write a note to the attendance office allowing the student to leave the campus. What is being proposed in regard to school lunches would place greater responsibility on the student. This is because the parent would simply give blanket permission to leave the campus for lunch. The decision as to the appropriateness for each off campus meal would be left up to the student.

Another concern is how those seniors selected for the off campus lunch privilege could be distinguished from the rest of the student population. The best solution for that problem is to provide a sticker which can be stuck to the student’s photo ID, one that identifies that a student is qualified for special lunch privileges. By doing this, no one else could use another’s pass. This way the student can just flash his or her card and leave for lunch.

Under these special circumstances, increasing the lunch privileges for qualified seniors would help remove some of the monotony of public school eating and help the student become more adjusted to future college life. The student would develop more responsibility by making choices as to the quantity and quality of his or her meals, as well as the quality of the environment in which the meal is eaten. He or she would also gain from the need imposed by off campus dining to budget time and the means of getting to and from the lunch destination. This policy would also provide another incentive for good grades and good behavior.

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