Sunday, June 19, 2011

Iraq war? Yes or no

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knocking out saddam will establish a democracy on the arabian peninsula which will make it easier for a country like iran to follow suit.

11) regime change in iraq will cut off terrorist support that used to flow from south in the region, up through iraq, into syria, across to lebannon and into the hands of terrorist groups such as hesbola, islamic jihad, the plo, hammas, etc...

1) syria is now isolated geographically from their camel jockey brothers to the south. i dont consider jordan a problem. jordan is a pretty friendly to america arab state.

1) lets not forget the bush doctrine that states either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. that is all i need for justification as an american. as a non american, that may not fly as a justification but it works for me. heh

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14) the white house labeled iraq as part of the axis of evil. once again justification enough for me but may not fly to a non american.

15) if our intelligence is correct and saddam was allowed to continue on the quest for wmds and he got his hands on nuclear capabilities we would be forced to deal with that maniac much the same way we are forced to deal with north korea and we could not afford to be put in a situation where we could be blackmailed in the future ESPECIALLY when you consider that iraq sits on top the worlds second largest oil reserve. we need the black juice with NO STRINGS attached to it.

16) setting up a model of democracy within a state like iraq that is friendly to the west and has the raw materials (oil) to grow strong economically and provide a good life to iraqs people will aid in turning the tide of negative anti-american opinion in the arab world.

17) freeing an oppressed people is all the justification i need as well, ESPECIALLY when our national interests are at stake. oil once again.

18) on and on and on....

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