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Jewish Pligrimage

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Questions on Jewish Pilgrimage

Task 4, pg 8

a) A Jewish pilgrim, when on a visit to the Western Wall, is likely to

· Cover their heads, if a male Jew

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· Pray a great deal

· Wash their hands before going to the wall

· Pray separately from the opposite sex

· Push pieces of paper, on which are written prayers, into cracks in the wall

b) Such an experience is a pilgrimage rather than a tourist visit, because when you visit the Western Wall, you show a great deal of respect, and are more serious about the event compared to how you would be if it were a tourist visit. Also during the time at the Western Wall, one spends a lot of time praying and abide by the same rules that they would when in a religious place such as the synagogue (where, for example the male congregation would be separate from the female congregation). Also a Jew must feel that he is going there to fulfil a religious commitment and not to spend their time there drinking or clubbing, etc as they might do when on a holiday for a tourist visit.

c) A Jew’s faith may be strengthened by visiting the Western Wall, in that it is the only living memory from the days of the Temple, and so they will feel that when they visit they are still the living part of Judaism, and that Judaism as a whole is still living. Also Jews must come together at a time like this, where all that is left is the Western Wall and use the power within them to do as much as possible to protect it. It is almost as if the Western Wall symbolises Judaism as it is today, and that Jews must stick together to keep the “memory” alive.

Task , pg 7

“A place like Yad Vashem only serves to keep alive feelings of bitterness and hatred. It would be better to forgive and forget.”

In agreement with this view Yad Vashem does keep the hatred alive, and will always be a reminder of what happened to the Jews, and could therefore influence them in future decisions.

In opposition to this view if all the people forgot and forgave, then it could happen again. It is a way of always remembering what happened and therefore a way of preventing something like it happening again.

Task 11, pg 44

Task 1, pg 44

“Yad Vashem should not merely be a place of pilgrimage for Jews but for people of every race.”

If people of all races came to visit Yad Vashem, it would teach them about what happened in the Holocaust and encourage them to understand how difficult and how dreadful it must have been for the Jewish people, and so it will make them feel more compassionate towards them.

Also the vast torture that went on during World War II, were not all carried out on Jews, but people of other races as well and so this will make people from other religions and races understand what it may been like for their ancestors too.

Overall it would be better for people from all races visited Yad Vashem as otherwise there is the slight possibility that it may be a place that is ignored by all others and the full meaning of what actually happened during the holocaust is unknown from a perspective of people of the other races, if they do not visit Yad Vashem.

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