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Light pollution a problem??

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Light Pollution a Problem?

What is Light Pollution? How could light ever pollute something? It disappears as soon as the lamp is turned off and no sticky toxic residue is left behind. This cannot be a form of pollution, can it? The answer is yes; light can actually pollute the outdoor environment and wash away the view of stars in the sky. As awareness rises around the world, this term is heard in more and more places. Light pollution is a curable problem and can be prevented through the application of well-designed and applied outdoor lighting.

Some light pollution is known as sky glow. Have you noticed the clouds overhead glowing an eerie pink, white, or orange color before? This wasted light is known as sky glow. It happens because of poorly designed and improperly aimed light fixtures called luminaries. Luminaries that do not offer adequate shielding usually spill wasted light into the sky and across property lines where it does not benefit anyone. When light spills into the sky, it reflects off of tiny airborne dust and moisture particles. This happens even on very clear evenings, too. The sky glow phenomenon directly affects the scientific research of amateur and professional astronomers. It also affects everyone else who simply enjoy looking at a dark night sky abundant with stars overhead. Sky glow is a curable condition, and we can still have adequate and safe illumination in the outdoor environment. Another form of Light Pollution is when light crosses property lines. This is called Light Trespass. Most people today have experienced Light Trespass to some degree. When someone elses light shines through your windows at night it is light trespassing onto your property. This is not only a nuisance, but it can also affect your safety. Light trespass can prevent you from using your property outdoors at night when wishing to look at the stars while lying on a blanket or viewing through a telescope or binoculars. Light pollution also occurs when too much light is applied to an area and a condition called glare results. Glare is defined as a visible source of illumination that causes a reduction in visual performance or an irritation. Light pollution is also a waste of energy and money. If a light is projecting fifty percent of its light away from the intended area then it is “lost light”. The U.S could save over 1 billion dollars each year by simply directing lights down where they are needed instead of up into space (Astronomical society of greater Hartford).

Light pollution occurs mostly around cities and where an abundance of light it located. Los Angeles is one city that has had this problem due to the fact that it has a lot of sky observation labs. The lights from the city, at night, put off enough light to make it seem like dusk through the eyepiece of a telescope.

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The solution to this problem is very simple, use good lighting. Good lighting provides adequate light for the intended task, but never over lights. It uses fully shielded lighting fixtures that control the light output in order to keep the light in the intended area. Good lighting also means that you should have your outside lights carefully installed so that you do not trespass light onto your neighbors lawn and inside their windows. It also uses high-efficiency lamps while still considering the color and quality as an essential design criterion.

Nighttime lighting has become a necessary part of our society. If designed and applied properly, nighttime illumination can greatly enhance a given area without causing compromise to either safety or the view of the nighttime sky overhead in surrounding areas. More communities around the nation are now adopting comprehensive outdoor lighting ordinances in order to control the appearance and improve nighttime safety and security in areas under their jurisdiction.

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