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Audiences tend to hear with their eyes. So when communicating in public, what your body says silently can mean the difference between successfully delivering your message and failing to make an impact. The total impact you make during a presentation will many times depend more on how you express yourself, than on what you actually say. An audience will naturally decode your message by interpreting it through tone, voice and body language. Surprisingly, studies indicate that the total impact of any public communication is 55 percent body language, including hand gestures, facial expressions, posture and movement. Tone, inflection and volume contribute to 8 percent of the total impact. Words themselves, or the verbal component of any presentation, only account for a mere 7 percent. Body language is also a fundamental part of leadership. It can suggest positive or negative attitudes, such as genuine empathy or total indifference. When former President George Bush pointed his finger at the American public during a televised address, it came across as an aggressive act. Audiences were profoundly affected by the negative visual message and, as a result, that gesture worked against him. Former President Ronald Reagan, however, was a master of body language. A former actor, Reagan was an adept public performer. When he made a presentation, he said he imagined chatting with old friends in a barbershop. Rather than saying the words you can trust me, his subtle gestures and gentle, fatherly tone conveyed the underlying message I can be trusted. Body language can work for anyone. The following tips can help you convey a positive and honest message through non-verbal communication Be conscious of body language -- it should match your verbal expressions and context of the situation. Remember, a non-verbal signal is not a complete message, but part of a pattern of signals that should have the same meaning. Your appearance is just as important as what you say A slouch can suggest lack of interest or enthusiasm, while standing straight with your weight balanced on each foot makes you look confident and relaxed. Stand or sit up straight. Dont slouch. · Use occasional, natural hand gestures to emphasize key points, but dont overdue it by waving your arms or pounding on a table. · Your eyes should be focused on the audience. Shifting your eyes and evading direct eye contact conveys impatience, discomfort, guilt or disinterest. Keep your gaze slightly upward. Darting eyes suggest deceit, while looking left may be interpreted as dishonesty. Looking down while you speak conveys low self-esteem. · Sit still and erect but relaxed, as a slight lean forward conveys energy and a positive attitude. Dont swivel, rock, lean, slump or swing your legs. Dont clasp your hands, fidget or grip your chair. Dont grind your teeth or tighten and loosen your jaw. · Running your fingers through your hair can indicate frustration. Dont drum on a chair or table with your fingers, jingle keys in your pockets, rustle papers, or toy with microphones, pencils, water glasses and clothing. · Listen intently, but dont nod as you listen to a negative or erroneous premise. Nodding is an involuntary response when you understand a question and are getting your key messages ready to deliver. Your audience, however, interprets the gesture as confirmation of the question. · Dont smile or laugh inappropriately, as these reactions convey guilty surprise. Be conscious of smiling to demonstrate your understanding of a question or paint, the gesture could be misconstrued. · Folding your arms in front of you is a sign of defensiveness. To project a more open, relaxed and confident demeanor, rest your arms on the sides of a chair or podium, or simply fold your hands in your lap. · Showing an open hand with palm up suggests honesty and sincerity.

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