Friday, June 17, 2011

No Cells Phones While Driving

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Have you ever been run off the road by a driver who apparently did not even notice you were there? If so, was that driver talking on a cell-phone? There is mounting evidence that talking on a cell-phone while driving contributes to increased accidents and fatalities. I believe that the use of handheld cell-phones should be prohibited while driving.

Cell-phone usage is an up-and-coming fad that has become an integral part of almost everybody’s attire. Cell-phones may save you a trip to a pay phone when not a home. Presently, with the extremely low prices, it is clear that people would rather have a phone in their hands at all times than a pocket full of coins to pump into a wall-mounted phone. But, the use of this convenience fad may be having some side effects.

The side effects of communicating on cell phones while driving have been studied. The New England Journal of Medicine has recently reported that motorists who use cell-phones are four times more likely to crash and equated their use with drunk driving. In a three-year study of Oklahoma crash data, researchers linked cell-phones usage with a ninefold increase in fatalities. “I watched my daughter die, “ says Patricia Pena, the mother of two-year-old Morgan Lee, who was killed in her car seat when the car in which she was riding was struck by a motorist using a cell-phone. “And I’d like to prevent others from going through it.” Pena, in an interview with WebMD, stated that “people need to know the manufactures warn against use of cell-phones when cars are in motion.”

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Many states have tried to limit the usage of cell-phones while driving. “At least fifteen states have proposed bills restricting cell-phone use by motorists, only to have the measures die in committee,” says Matt Sundeen. Last September, Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, passed the first ordinance banning cell-phone usage while driving. Since then, Hilltown, Pennsylvania, New York City, and Miami-Dade County have put a ban on cell-phone usage unless it was hands free. Restrictive legislation is now pending in eight states, although earlier efforts have failed. Several other countries have recently banned or restricted the use of cell-phones while driving. Japan has passed a traffic law specifying that unless the vehicle is stopped, the driver cannot use a cellular or mobile phone, except when and appropriate hands-free device is used.

In conclusion, I believe that handheld cell phones are instrumental in increasing crash and should be prohibited while driving. Please do not misunderstand me, cell phones are a great invention, very convenient, and an important part of our connected society. However, they are a tremendous distraction and may interfere with the focus on safe driving. I feel that motorists would be better served by pulling their cars off the road to use the phone or by using hands-free technology while driving.

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