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Poetry At Its Finest

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The poems, “ As I grew older” by Langston Hughes, “ Turning Ten” by Billy Collins

and “ Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, all have one thing in common that is the concept of age.

In all of these poems the authors are trying to prove their points about aging, even though

some may be different. Also, what they think age is and how they felt about it.

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“As I grew older” is mainly about that oppression shouldn’t be tolerated. He

only began to accept this after he got older and his dream began to be put down or blocked

with age. It showed that as he grew older his dream began to whither away. The wall in this

poem represents the people that do not accept his dreams and the sun represents his dream

and how the wall of oppression is blocking it from him.

In “Turning Ten” by Billy Collins he began to think that, as you grow older you

begin to grow out of the old customs as a child and begin to steadily mature. He moved on

without the games and it shows with the bicycle when he stops to ride it. The “blue speed”

as he puts it is draining away, to say that it hasn’t been used or ridden on in a while he is

growing up and maturing from it.

In “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros it was basically about how when you turn older

instead of being that age you just add on to the other ages that you had with in you already.

It all adds up with all the ages like those dolls that fit inside each other. She also believes that

she would like to be a hundred and two instead of eleven since if she was a hundred and two she would have gone through so many life experiences that she would have something to say to the teacher when she asks her if that was her sweater.

I think that the main themes of all these poems are the concept of age and that age means

something different for every person. To each his own and age means something different to every other person. Some may think that age is good for a person and that they would like to age quickly some never want to age and stay young and many people have different views towards it.

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