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students appereance problem or not

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Students Appearance Problem or Not?

It is your freshman year in high school, your first time in a new and very scary place. Walking down the hall you pass some guy who has spiked hair that is dyed pink, four earrings in each eyebrow, a chain going from his nose to his ear, pants that could fit an elephant, and a jacket that is thick enough to be used as a landing cushion for a person jumping out of a plane. What do you think? Are you scared of him? Do you see him as a freak and pray that your children do not desire to ever wear an outfit like that? I dont think so. Students should not be allowed to wear what ever they want to school; it could be dangerous, it could affect the way the public views the school system, and it could distract those who actually come to school to learn something.

The dangers of allowing student to choose their own attire are few, but not worth the risk. The first and most obvious is the ability to conceal a weapon in large pants or jackets. There are pants out there that arent that baggy but they could easily conceal a knife or a small handgun and people are wearing them baggier than that. A large jacket could allow a person to conveniently tuck a pistol in to the waist of their pants. This clothing could also represent a gang or have derogatory phrases on them, causing some one to become insulted and possibly leading them to become violent.

Piercings are a different story, while just as dangerous. This danger is not to others, but to the person wearing the jewelry. Piercings can be ripped out as easily as tearing a piece of paper in half. If a person were mad at another yanking on an earring or two would be a great way of evening the score. Thus proving that piercings are just as dangerous as say a knife.

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Having no dress code could also deplete the publics view of the school system. Some people make personal contributions to fund school activities. Seeing the school has no control of their students appearance, they might change their mind and realize that their money would be of better use to somewhere else. If a special event, like a sports tournament or academic competition, came to the school that did not restrict the clothing worn by the students, the horrible appearance would be all that they remember.

Then there is the nation-wide argument that has been the main focus point in the fight for school uniforms certain outfits distracting others whom come to school to learn. I know that it would be hard for me to concentrate if the girl next to me was wearing a shirt that was barely longer then her bra and shorts that would fit my ten year old sister. I would also have trouble getting work done if the kid behind me sounded like a room full of six-year-olds with pots and spoons because of the ten-pound jewelry around his neck.

We as Americans need to stand up and show that we will not tolerate free-willed, rebellious teenagers to make a mockery of the American educational system by parading around wearing whatever they feel like. We need to discourage the allowance of piercings in boys and limit the number of earrings that girls have. We nee to get limits as to how short we allow shirts and skirts to be, or how many sizes to big or too small we allow our childrens clothes to be. I am not saying that we need school uniforms. Because I am totally against the idea but I am saying that we need to set specific limits with a strict enforcement and punishment on those who test those limits.

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