Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take a Walk with Me

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When most people look at the floor they see matching pair of shoes after matching pair of shoes. On the whole, both shoes of a pair seem to be the same. Yet, on a closer look Im sure that no two shoes are exactly alike. My two skate shoes may seem to be the same at first glance, but they are very different to me.

The way in which my shoes are similar is very obvious. First off, I ware both of them on my feet so they can get me to where I need to go. They provide me with warmth and protection to the dangerous outside ground. The way in which they are attached to my feet is exactly the same. Both are tied down to my feet with strong and sturdy laces tied in a double knot. At a glance the appearances of both seem to be identical. My shoes are colored gray with hints of red through out. Both are the size of 11 ½. The markings that the leave behind in the mud, snow, and dirt are the same crisscross patterns. Also my shoes are branded with the same exact Vans logo on the inside and outside. Lastly, they both let out the same foul smell from the soles. Even with all these similarities, there are many, if not more differences between the two.

Some differences between my shoes are very clear, yet others could only be picked up by their owner. The most obvious difference is that one shoe is designed to fit my right foot, while the other is made to fit my left. Next my shoes are worn in different places along the sides and front because of the fact that I use them to skateboard. My left shoe is worn at the front from dragging my toe up to ollie. Whereas, my right shoe is worn more along the bottom from pushing along the ground to get me going. Also my right shoe has pen drawn along the instep, but the other does not. Although both have stitching that is coming undone, my left shoe has a much bigger problem with falling apart. Lastly, the insole of my right shoe has a hole under my big toe again from pushing my skateboard along. Even though my left insole is worn in relatively the same place, it has not yet become a hole.

It would seem to most that any pair of shoes would be identical. Yet in any pair there has to exist some differences. My two shoes may look very similar to an untrained eye, but if you take a closer look you can tell just how different they are. This just proves that no matter how similar tow things may be, there are no two things that are exactly alike.

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