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Ulysses S. Grant

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Ulysses Simpson Grant

Civil War Essay

In this Essay I’m going to talk about Ulysses Simpson Grant and his great accomplishments in his life. Ulysses Simpson Grant was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio, on April 7, 18. He graduated from West Point in 184 and fought in the Mexican War. He got married to Julia Dent in 1848. He resigned from the army in 1854 after getting in trouble from his commanding officer about his drinking habits, for six years after resigning he held jobs in the Middle East of a wide variety.

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With the outbreak of the civil war he went back into the army and soon he became Brigadier General. His Continuing success in the western battles, and the capture of Vicksburg, Miss in 186, made President Lincoln very happy. President Lincoln Put Ulysses S. Grant in charge of all the Union armies. His wanting to destroy all Confederate armies and his perseverance made the were end in 1865. In the year 1866 he was made Full general.

In 1868 He was a Republic Candidate for the President Election. Grant was elected over the democratic competitor, Horatio Seymour. From the start he showed he we weak for the job. His cabinet was weak, his domestic policy was confused, and many of his associates were corrupt. His achievements in the foreign affairs was the controversy with great Britain in the Treaty Of London in 1871 negotiated by his able Secretary of State Hamilton Fish.

Ulysses ran for re-election in 187, He defeated Horace Greeley, He was a democratic Liberal Republican Candidate. The panic of 187 graft scandals, Made it difficult for his second term as president.

After resigning from the Presidential office, Grant became A partner in a Financial Firm, and it went bankrupt. After that he learned he had cancer in his throat. Illness and bad business judgments darkened his lat years, but he worked steadily at the Personal Memoirs, were he wrote his recollections to pay off debts and to provide money for his family.

Before he died He made a memoir so great it made his earn nearly 450,000. Soon after he completed his last page he died at Mount McCgregor, near Saratoga, N.Y., on july , 1885. This was my Essay about Ulysses S. Grant and his Accomplishments in his life.

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