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Unbreakable Bonds

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Unbreakable Bonds

The opening of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, while not much narrative, provides a valuable insight to the environment and the conditions of Douglass’s life after having escaped he torturous bonds of slavery. While the only section of narrative in the section read was Chapter 1, it left enough room to interpret Douglass’s feelings, even though he was only a child during this section.

Pretty much all of Chapter one consisted of Douglass talking about his mother. They were separated when Frederick was about 1 months old. For having been separated at such an early age, he seems to have developed an attachment to his mother, which the separation was supposed to prevent. While he knew little about his mother, he still felt as though they had always been together. His mother would come back from a plantation down the road and stay with Frederick until he fell asleep. With that being the only contact that Frederick and hi mother had, he still felt like his mother had always been around. However, when his mother died, he felt as though he had just received the news of a stranger’s death; evidence that that bond was really not that strong.

Although somewhat cliche’, the hold that slave masters had was also an intriguing aspect of the time. Very rarely does one get to experience an articulate view, such as the view from Douglass. In the first Chapter of his autobiographical narrative, provides the reader with an excellent insight into slave life, but also an interesting beginning to his own tale that should prove to be moving as well as interesting.

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