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Work Community

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The “Keg” Restaurant Community

A community is a group of people who all come together both in an internal and external

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way with the same sort of common interest. The individuals in the community interact with one

another on a regular basis, and are all respectful and considerate to each other. If something goes

wrong within the community then the entire group is affected. Most importantly a community is

a family. Being a member of a family is a great way for people to grow, learn, and interact with

others. I am part of a community that behaves in this way. My work community consist of all

types of different people who come together with the same common goal of serving customers.

Everyone in this community has a different function. There are cooks, servers, host, bussers,

dishwashers, bartenders, cocktailers, salad tenders, and managers. We all work as a team to

provide our customers with satisfaction.

All the members of my work community must do their job so that the common goal is

met. The busser must clean and reset tables, the hostess must seat the tables, the servers must

wait on the guest, the cooks/salad tenders must prepare great tasting meals, the dishwashers must

keep our dishes clean, and the managers must make sure all of these things are getting done by

managing the restaurant. If for example, the busser doesn’t clear the table, the table isn’t ready

for the next customer, and our common goal of serving the customers isn’t being met.

All of the personal relationships within the community strengthens our community. We

are all aware of others personal lives and accommodate their schedules. If someone has a sick

child, another “member of the community” will cover for them. If one person is having a bad

day then everyone does their best to make it better. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on then

there’s always someone there for them. We also have different kinds of Keg events that bring us

closer together. Examples of such events include; softball tournaments, where we get to compete

against the other Kegs and bar Oscars, where the bar staff gets to dress up in fancy gowns and

receive awards for all their hard work.

We love having new members join our community. When a new member arrives we all

go out of our way to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. When members of the group

leave it’s a sad day. Having to say goodbye to someone who’ve shared a great deal of your life

with is never easy. Usually we throw some kind of going away party where we can all gather to

say our goodbyes. Even when someone has left the community they still remain a part of the

community. We do are best to check up on them from time to time, and keep in touch.

Not only are the relationships that the staff share important in making our community

work, but also the relationships that the staff makes with the customers. In getting to know these

people we as a family grow. For, example there is this older woman that comes in every morning

for lunch. A few times while her car was in the shop we would all take turns picking her up and

dropping her back off. One day when she was late (and she was always the first person in the

restaurant) I drove over to her house to check on her. Her car was there but she didn’t answer the

door. After a while I began to panic and started talking to her neighbors to see if maybe they had

seen her. Soon enough I began to worry the neighbors and we decided to call 11, and that was a

good thing because she was stuck in the bathtub and unable to pull herself out. These kinds of

things are what makes our restaurant community different from others.

I have been working in this community for over three years, and these people have

become my family. We all stick together and whenever someone from the community needs help

we are there for them. Overall, this working experience has brought joy to my life, and the lives

of others around me. All of these internal and external ways that we as a group come together to

accomplish our goal in making customers happy is what makes us a community.

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