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World War I objectives and results

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The United States declared war on Germany, sparking World War I. President Woodrow Wilson wanted to create an utopian world by removing alliance systems, economic conflict, and armaments race by using his Fourteen Points. The Fourteen Points called for open diplomacy, freedom of the seas, lower tariffs, arms reduction, troop withdraw self determination, and the League of Nations. The United States was led to war for principle, morality, honor, commerce, security, and reform.

German U-Boats were quickly invading the seas and destroying what they considered enemy vessels. In May of 115, the Lusitania, which carried 1,18 passengers was struck by German submarine, U-0. Germans were endangering the lives of people everywhere, taking their lives and rights. The sinking of the Lusitania marked the start of the war and the United States pursued to make the seas a safer place for both civilians and their vessels. Following the war, the United States achieved freedom of the seas, allowing ships and their crews to travel the seas with safety and security.

Open Diplomacy is the discussing and negotiating of foreign policy matters with the presence of news media and elected leaders. Though this idea was one of the Fourteen Points, Wilson sidelined this idea throughout most of the negotiating at Versailles. Input from nations was concise and no information was released to both media and other leaders.

The League of Nations was considered Wilsons Baby. The League of Nations was to be put in tact by any means necessary. Wilson authorized changes to some of the Fourteen Points, but would not allow any change to the League of Nations. There were three mistakes made that crushed Wilsons dream for world peace He headed the group in Paris, appointed no Senators, and put weight on the shoulders of the people by asking them to vote in his favor if they supported the League. As luck would have it, a Republican won the Presidency, which ended Wilsons Presidency, along with he League of Nations.

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