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Analysis of Lord of the Flies-Main Characters

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Lord of the Flies #1


Jack is the powerful creeping darkness in the way that he starts out as the leader of the choirboys in chapter one and by the last chapter is the leader of the savage youth group. Jack Merridew is a very arrogant character that assumes leadership of the tribe through instigation and turning the older kids against Ralph and manipulating the littluns. The only apparent reason that he is turning everyone against Ralph to take control of the tribe is the fact that he can’t stand not being the most powerful.


Custom Essays on Analysis of Lord of the Flies-Main Characters

Ralph is one of the elder boys that is the mainly the leader of the society of kids throughout the story. Throughout the story Ralph is proving his honorable attentions of keeping the order in the island and be the arbiter of the island, while maintaining the majority of the children in favor of his ruling. He is a soldier; he struggles throughout the story to establish a true democratic order. He wants all the boys to survive and he wants to be rescued, that is why he struggles to maintain order.


Piggy is the voice of reason throughout the whole book, well until he dies. His is physically weak and likes to complain, but he is very intelligent and sees every aspect of the situations at hand. Because he is considered a nerd he is usually ignored. He is the first person that Ralph meets and they develop close ties, especially after they are banished. Piggy wants to survive and get off the island just as Ralph does.


Simon is kind of a neutral character in the story. He does what is asked of him and helps the younger kids. He is the religious character in the story. He comes to understand the Lord of the Flies and the beast on the mountain. He understands from the Lord of the Flies that the evil is inside of mankind and not something that mankind acquires. When he tries to tell the rest of the tribe the revelation that he had they accidentally kill. Simon’s motivation is to get off the island and do whatever it’ll take to survive .


Roger is a sadistic and twisted soul. He would slit another’s throat just because. He gains joy from forcing misery unto others. He bullies most of the younger kids and kills Piggy. He goes throughout the story causes chaos for the reason of wanting to.


Ralph & Jack/Roger

Through Jack and Rogers’ heinous actions and thoughtless actions of rushing off into the jungle hunting hogs, and bullying littluns they help bring out Ralph’s honorable intentions and leadership qualities. When Jack grabbed the conch shell and blew it to summon the tribe and proclaim Ralph’s incompetence it showed how much of a kind person Ralph is.

Ralph & Jack/Superman & Lex Luthor

I compare many things between these fours persons. Ralph is struggling to protect the littluns and is usually in confrontation with Jack. Superman is trying to protect the world and civilians and is usually confronted by Lex Luthor. As Lex Luthor used kryptonite to weaken Superman to a state of incapacity in order to control the society, Jack did the same by using the conch shell as the symbol of power to take control of the tribe eventually as Lex Luthor did society.

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