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Brett Farve

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Brett Farve

Where would football be without quarterbacks like Brett Farve? Brett Farve has led a great career with several highlights and has revolutionized the way quarterbacks play in the present day National Football League. Coach Mike Holmgreen, Green Bay Packers head coach, stated, “Brett is the key to our offense (Goodman 8).” Although Farve has set many records including earning a Superbowl ring, he still has several years left in his National Football Career.

Brett Farve was born in Gulfport, Mississippi on October 10, 16 (Gutman 6). Irvin Farve, Brett’s father, was a high school football coach at Brett’s future high school, Hancock North Central High School. Brett was one of Bonita and Irvin Farve’s four children (Gutman 7). Bonita Farve was a special ED at one of the Hancock North Central High School (Gutman 7). Brett was the middle of his other two brothers, Scott and Jeff. He also had a younger sister named Brandi (Gutman). The three boys were usually into something. If they were not fishing for crawfish they were climbing trees and shooting BB guns (Gutman 6). Like most kids, Brett was always playing sports. Brett always had a strong arm and obviously got his athletic ability from both of his parents and he would later use that athletic talent to pursue his football career.

Throughout Brett’s somewhat older years he began to find extreme interest in football and baseball (Gutman8). Almost all children have role models or idols that they dream of becoming. For Brett he looked up to two famous football players, Archie Manning of the New Orleans Saints and Roger Staughbach of the Dallas Cowboys (Gutman 8). Roger Staughbach and Archie Manning were both members of the National Football League Hall of Fame. One of the several reasons why Brett is successful at everything he does is due to dedication. In fact Brett never missed one day of school from the third grade all the way through his senior year in high school. Due to his perfect attendance, Brett was always achieved excellent grades. He showed amazing athletic ability even when he was young. In fact, when Brett was in the eighth grade he was the starting quarterback for the Hancock North Central High School Varsity baseball team. That first year Brett led the team with a .5 batting average and would lead the team for the next four more years (Gutman 7,8,). Obviously this young athlete had natural talent.

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In order for Brett to excel at the level he is now playing, he had to have played well during all of his previous athletic endeavors prior to his National Football League debut. Brett, like most other students in Gulfport, Mississippi, attended Hancock North Central High School (Gutman). At Hancock Brett was a five-year starter on the Varsity baseball team (Gutman). Brett was most definitely maximizing his athletic ability. As a sophomore Brett was finally prepared to take over the starting quarterback when unfortunately he came down with Mononucleosis (Gutman8). In 185, Brett’s junior year, he began his first ever varsity football game as quarterback (Gutman 8). During this year, Brett’s team went six and four. As a new quarterback, Brett performed extremely well (Gutman ). During Brett’s senior year he led the Hancock Hawks to an eight and two season. During this year he also threw only ninety-seven times, completing forty passes, for seven hundred twenty-three yards and eight touchdowns (Gutman ). With these statistics recruiters were definitely not pursuing him as a candidate for college. In 186 during the eighth game of his senior year, a recruiter from Southern Mississippi University attended his game. Brett threw the ball only four times, which obviously was not enough to impress recruiters (Gutman ). The coach from southern Mississippi University signed Brett as a recruit because he was impressed with his pregame warm-up (Gutman 10). Brett would now become a Golden Eagle!

During training camp in the summer of 186, Brett worked both offense and defense and was seventh on the depth chart for quarterbacks (Gutman 18). After coaches saw Brett on the practice field they knew they had chosen the right quarterback (Gutman 18). He was immediately moved to the third spot on the depth chart and by the start of his freshman season in 187 he had moved to the second spot. Farve stated for the Golden Eagles during the third game of his freshman season and would start all the way through his graduation (BC #1). During these four seasons Brett led his team to twenty-nine victories in which he threw for 8,1 passing yard, 1,4 passing attempts, 656 completions and 55 touchdown passes. Farve was among the top thirty NCAA passers in NCAA history. To top off his collegiate career he was the MVP of the East-West Shrine game featuring the nations’ top athletes (BC #1). This was the beginning of greatness for Brett Farve.

Although Brett was quite successful in high school and college, his real success came in the National Football League. Brett was chose in the second round of the 10 National Football League draft (Gutman 51). During Brett’s first NFL season on the Falcons, he hardly ever saw the playing field (Gutman 54). In 1 Green Bay Packers’ General Manager, Ron Wolf, traded Brett Farve for the Packers first round draft pick the year prior. Brett would now have to back up0 the former Pro-Bowler, Ron Majkowski. In game three of that season Brett would play due to an injury of Majkowski’s ankle (BC #1). During this season Brett led the Packers to an eight and five record and threw for two hundred eight yards in eleven consecutive games. In 1 Brett started all sixteen games. During this season Farve threw for ,0 yards and led the Packers to the second round of the playoffs. In 14 Brett also had another successful season leading his team to the playoffs and threw for ,88 yards. Although Brett was rising as a leader and an outstanding quarterback, he would really excel in the 15, 16, 17 seasons.

Brett Farve was now six feet two inches tall and weighed 5 pounds (BC #). During the 15 season Brett once again led his team to the playoffs. Farve was also named the Quarterback of the Year for throwing for 4,41 yards, which was a National Football League best. Farve also threw for at least one touchdown in seven consecutive games. During this season Brett was named the Most Valuable Player of the NFL and was as well named as the Offensive Player of the Year. In 16, Brett was named as the quarterback of the Pro Bowl for the second straight year. Farve was the third all time touchdown leader in 16 behind Dan Marino’s two records. Farve once again led his team to the playoffs but against the New England Patriots. The Packers won 5-1 in a triumphant victory. Because of Brett Farve’s performance, he was again awarded the title of Most Valuable Player of the NFL for the second straight year. In 17 Brett and the Packers again went to the Super Bowl but fell short in a devastating loss. Due to Brett’s performance in the 17 season he was again awarded MVP for the third consecutive time. This astonishing achievement set a record that had never been awarded in the history of the National Football League before (BC# 1/5,6,7,8,). Brett Farve is one of the winningest quarterbacks in the NFL and will most likely find himself in the National Football League Hall of Fame!

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