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choosing to cheat

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Do you think taking supplements will give you the same nutrients as eating the correct foods? About 7 percent of adult Americans believe this question is true, according to Colorado State University. I think differently. I believe that everyone should stop cheating and getting so called nutrients from supplements and start getting real nutrients from real foods.

The average healthy person can get all the nutrients that they need from eating a variety of foods. If people only learned to follow the food guide pyramid correctly they wouldn’t need to count on pills, powders, and other formulas. Choose foods such as cereals. fruits, vegetables, and breads which contain thousands of nutrients. If you take supplements you are most likely to miss out on the correct and healthy amount of nutrients. Carbohydrate, fat, or protein are not contained in vitamin and mineral supplements. These three things are our main sources of energy which we can get from everyday healthy foods.

The average person needs about 4 nutrients a day, according to Colorado State University, and supplements most often give only a fraction of this amount. Many times, the supplement will give off way over the recommended amount. When you take the type of supplement that gives too many nutrients, an overdose is possible. This will hurt you more than the right amount of nutrients will help you. I talked to Daniel Andrews, who once took supplements, he says, “eating a nutritious meal and working out is a much better approach to being healthy and fit. Some times the supplements won’t even give a person what they need from it.”

A megavitamin is a supplement that gives off a large amount of vitamins at once. Some megavitamins may give you 10 to 100 times the Dietary Reference Intake and may act as a drug with serious results says Colorado State University. You can never get the right amount of nutrients while taking these supplements. The Public Health Nutritionists in Ontario say, “supplements of one nutrient may cause the absorption of other nutrients”. For example, lets say you are increasing your amount of calcium through supplements; this may reduce the absorption of iron in your body. Too much of one nutrient means not enough of another.

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Some think that taking supplements will help against diseases such as cancer; they are wrong. Scurvy, beriberi, and rickets are diseases that are related to nutritional deficiencies and can be prevented by vitamins and minerals, but these diseases are rarely around. Todays’ diseases such as cancer can not be prevented by supplement intakes. Instead the supplements just add harm. People need to start being more careful when taking supplements because they can often lead to kidney stones, liver or nerve damage, birth defects, and in some cases death.

Are you one of the many who cheat by taking supplements to lose weight? Well, if you are, then listen up. Taking these supplements may help some, but in the end just dieting and exercise is healthiest. If you take too many dietary supplements, you may produce toxic levels in your system and do more harm than good.

Think back and say you lived 100 years ago. People then did not need these supplements to get by and stay alive. So why do we need them now? When I took a survey of 0 students, fifteen of them, or 75 percent, said that eating and exercising correctly is better. When you are thinking about taking these supplements, think, would I be taking them if I had lived 100 years ago? Or even 50 years ago? Today these supplements are getting more and more popular. You need to watch what you are taking and take them only if you need them.

I believe that supplements only hurt you more than you want them to help you. Only certain people should be taking them; people such as vegetarians or pregnant or breast feeding women. Vegetarians need them because they are not getting things such as proteins from the meat they are not eating and pregnant woman because they are sharing their nutrients with a child and will need double the amount.

No one should take them to prevent disease, lose weight, or gain strength. Don’t be lazy. Exercise. Eat healthy. In the end, you are better off just eating healthy, nutritious foods rather than tempting to take these supplements. So my question to you is, do you choose to cheat?

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