Sunday, July 10, 2011

essays on nothing

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this is an essay on nothing it has nothing to so with anything it is nothing it means nothing there is nothing to this nothing essay. this nothing essay is coming to an end and now i have decided to end this nothing essay on nothing thanks for reading and this is not goin to get you a grade so dunt take jus read for your delight thanks and have a nice day. i need to make this essay about nothing be come 50 words long so i must extend this by almost 150 words. ive said this is on nothing so lets make it about my life... my life means nothing in fact it is nothing i have to do a report and i decided to join this website. it seems to me that theres many good essays here so ive decided to get one for my project in school. my school is a peice. it is barely staying together in fact my old school in 8th grade is shutting down becuase noone pays tution and noone is goin to the school no more. this school used to be a great at one time haveing well over 500 students and now it is down to 1. in fact there is only 1 kids in the first grade. this is pretty terible even though i went there for one year. in my school there is several things or ways people look it at you. your either rich or poor, black r white,public or catholic. alot of the kids in this shitty school are racist, i am not. i did go to public school, i am catholic, i am white, and i am from a poor neighborhood. kids talk so much trash becuase of where im from, see my school has a bunch of spoiled little rich punks and on top of that most fo them are racist. im not in fact i basically grew up with black people. people ask me if im proud of where i am fromn and i am, im glad i could make it somehwere will most people cant like them spoiled rich kids who would have no idea what to do if they were in my situtaion......... post a followup if you think you got a response or somehting to say name it nothin

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