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Euthanasia is a complex topic dealing with ending an individuals life. Before we can fully understand euthanasia we have to define ‘life’. Do we see ‘life’ as the functioning of the body, or the brain? Or by ‘life’ do we mean the experiences of a human being? Euthanasia is most bluntly defined as the act of the doctor killing patient. Euthanasia can be defined in more detail as a sort of mercy killing in which a doctor assists in painlessly ending the life of a terminally ill patient out of mercy. Ultimately euthanasia is ethical and should be a legal practice for physicians.

Ethical is thought to mean conforming to accepted standards; however, is it ethical for a person who is terminally ill and experiencing unbearable pain to be forced to live through this suffering with no hope? The answer is obvious. Therefore, euthanasia is ethical. Suicide can be ethically justified if an individual has a terminal illness or a severe handicap either of which causes so much pain and torment that life is intolerable. The decision of ending ones life be made wisely. In all cases the individual should seek medical assistance before even considering taking their life. If you consider the meaning of ethical with religion, euthanasia remains ethical as God is understanding and does not want you to suffer.

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There will always be people who believe euthanasia is unethical. These people believe that life is valuable no matter what the quality of it. I wonder what their position would be if they were spending their life saving’s to keep a loved one of their’s barely breathing and in immense pain in a hospital bed with no hope of their condition ever improving. From a logistic point of view it is obvious that it makes no sense to have a human being have to experience intolerable pain with nothing to hope for except death when they could have their pain ended comfortably and quietly.

In opinion poles done across the United States, it was found that the majority of Americans want physicians to be legally enabled to assist terminally ill patients end their suffering. It can even be seen as inhuman to refuse such a plea for help. This in mind it would be beneficial for doctors to be able to participate in euthanasia legally rather than having to do it behind closed doors. Not only could this be dangerous, it could put the doctors at legal risk. Euthanasia should be a legal last resort in which a patient can turn to his or her doctor for.

Lastly, euthanasia should be legalized so that all terminally ill patients may have the right to resort to it if they choose so. Conditions which have been suggested for such a law if it were passed include that physician-assisted suicide be totally voluntary. This would mean that the request could only be made by the individual. This individual must also be a competent adult. This would put the patient in control, not the physician or the family. Another condition would be that it is only available to terminally ill patients. This means that the patient must have 6 months or less to live as pronounced by a medical professional. Simple conditions like these would allow for euthanasia to be legalized in our country.

People who disagree with euthanasia claim that it would harm society and put a lower value on human life. Euthanasia is not to be seen as an easy cure for any disease, it is simply a peaceful way for a patient to pass with o suffering. And for those that say euthanasia is barbaric, I would argue the fact that it is more barbaric to leave a person to suffer.

All said, euthanasia is ethical and should be a legal last resort that physicians can turn to help a terminally ill patient. What it all comes down to is that it is disgusting to leave a human being to suffer needlessly with no hope of their condition improving or ever being able to smile again.

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