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Informal Organisation

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Beyond, however, from the official form of organisation, probably exist persons and teams without no competence and place in the jerarhjki scale, in the obvious structure and the Flow chart of enterprise. The constitution and the existence of these informal factors are owed in reasons independent from the formal organisation, that however him influences or is influenced by this, immediately or indirectly and creates a other at the same time existing to the formal, informal organisation in in the enterprise.

That is created however the informal organisation? From daily social (friendly) contact of executives of enterprise is shaped her own network of relations that in the substance constitute, consciously or unprincipledly, relations of power. In the informal organisation do not exist clarified objectives and neither some drawing of configuration of relations of power. The informal organisation is shaped through the daily communication between the individuals, that it is natural to exist when they are activated in the same space .

Fundamental cause of informal organisation is the need belongs no one in some team that will satisfy his needs .

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the informal teams are result of directness, personality, and needs of individuals. The employees are connected between them because they work in the same space (directness), they have same interesting except work (hobby, social activities, attendance in religious teams, children that go to the same school, etc) or because they have the need or the wish to work with friends. These teams have not been programmed or have been fixed by the organism, but, on the contrary, are created spontaneously. Their aim is to give satisfaction and simultaneously in their members .

In social (informal) team the gradation is determined by the feelings, or the perceptions which they have between them the members of team. Thus, is strong a member he is elected in leader, because he enjoys bigger popularity, the bigger respect, or most sympathies .

administration of enterprise, is not always in place it knows all the informal teams that function in in the gulves of formal organisation, because the big crowd of informal relations that is developed between the members of personnel. It is nevertheless deliberate, for the reasons that we exposed more, the pointing out of those teams what they play being first role from opinion of influence and influence on the workers, in order to it can him use for completion and aid of formal organisation .

- Teams of common interests they are informal teams that are not created by the organism but by individuals that him connect common interesting in in the working place their. A team of interests can have big importance for the company, because it can constitute a linked forehead adversely in the administration in a important subject that concerns her members. For example, certain workers of different departments of factory can create a committee of safety that seeks better conditions of work from the administration. This committee is considered team common interesting because it has not been fixed by the organism, on the contrary, she is constituted by workers that are linked for the promotion of question of common interest. These workers can be members of different functional teams and teams of work. However, the team of interests resembles with the team of work in that they are also two limited duration the team is dissolved formally when the object of interest is satisfied. These teams have the smaller duration of life comparatively with the other types of teams, but a team of interests are replaced fast by certain other. Certain teams, however, can have continuous duration (eg a committee of safety).

- Synadelfjkes teams Contrary to the team of interests which exists in in the working place, the synadelfjki team develops activities mainly except the labour space. It is constituted by individuals that are connected between them with base some common characteristic as a religious organisation (church or synagogue), some common interest (eg attendance in common, athletic clubs, or hobby), the political parties, or anything other that brings near the persons except work. Consequence of common interest is that the individuals they are related between them and in in the frames of organism. At the duration of breaks of work, these individuals can synantoyntaj and speak for the object of their interest, that can be from the last model of personal computer up to the developments in the championship of football. The common interests connect individuals that belong in any sector of organism.

It is important for the administrations of enterprises they comprehend that the attendance of workers in synadelfjkes teams is not something that it can check-how much rather prohibit - the organism, even if these teams function usually at the weekday hours in in the labour spaces. Best in that it can hope the organism is the restriction of available time for social synanastrofi at the duration of weekday day, drawing with attention the provision of work and determining certain concrete periods for the social synanastrofes (for example, breaks for coffee).

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