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looking for Alibrandi

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Looking for Alibrandi


The book ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ was written by Melina Marchetta. The purpose of the book is to inform people of what life is like for teenage people in today’s world, another purpose of the book is to entertain people that read books. The Audience that the author has tried to target is teenage people because they would be able to relate to the issues that the main character Josie faces throughout the novel. The story is set in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in Australia. This book contains social, historical and cultural context. Social context is shown through Josie putting everyone into stereotypical groups. Cultural Context is shown through Josie’s family being Italian-Australians and the customs their family has, such as the room in Nonna’s apartment, which is only used for guests. Historical context is shown when Nonna talks about, how hard it was for, Italians who came over to Australia to live.

The author Melina Marchetta was born in 165. ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ was Marchetta’s first novel and it has been acclaimed widely.

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Throughout the novel the main character Josie changes personality. This is mainly because Josie became more mature but there were many aspects of her life that she changed her perspective on. One aspect she changed her perspective on was her father, Michael Andretti. At the start of the novel Josie says, “We don’t need him” this shows that Josie doesn’t want to know him and she would rather not have him in her life. Then as the story goes on Josie starts to get to know her father and starts to get along with him “When we forgot the fact that biologically he was my father, we could be friends”. The end of the novel shows Josie and her father getting along as father and daughter ‘I love Michael Andretti more and more everyday’. Josie also changes her perspective on her Nonna. The start of the novel shows Josie not getting on with her grandmother “ My main objective in life is to get on my Grand mothers nerves”. As the novel goes on and Nonna starts telling Josie about Marcus Sandford and she tells Josie that “he was in love with me”. It is not until towards the end of the text that Josie realizes that Nonna had an affair with Marcus Sandford. Josie is angry at first and says, “ I hate you. Not because of my life. But because of my mothers”. After this Josie comes to realize that Nonna only treated her daughter bad because she didn’t want her to make the same mistake she did. Josie also changed her view of herself. When the novel started Josie thought that she and her group of friends were social misfits and she didn’t fit into society “Please, God, let me be accepted by someone else rather than the underdog”. Then as the story goes on she starts to realize that she really isn’t a social misfit. She first starts to realize this when she is appointed as school captain. “You were voted School captain but I gave the job to Ivy”. Then after she finds this out she starts to realize that “Socially we weren’t as shitty as we thought”.

The text type of the text is Prose fiction. The text is written in first person so the audience gets the view of the main character and the audience can see the perspective of the main character. It is first person because of the use of the words I, me and my “I glanced at the students around me”. Similes are used when Josie says “well, I’m not sure whether everyone in this country will ever understand multiculturalism and that saddens me, because it’s as much part of Australia as football and meat pies” and another example of a simile is “she’s a slut… like her mother”. The Tone of the text is serious with forms of exaggeration and sarcasm throughout it. The structure of the text consists of an orientation where Josie finds herself struggling with life and finding g it hard to get on with some of the people in her life. The complication is when Josie starts to change her perspective towards life and the people involved in her life. The resolution is when Josie becomes more mature and realizes that even though her life is not perfect she can overcome it and get on with life.


The medium of production of the text was through novel. This affects the way we respond to the material because this is a novel we have rely on our imagination to show us what is happening. The readers are able to make up there own visual images of the characters and settings.


The text shows me that change can occur in a person, as they get older. This text showed me that as a person gets older they are able to change their perspective on the people around them and they are able to become more tolerant than they were

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