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manson family

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The Manson Family

In this paper on the Manson Family, I will discuss the murders, the

evidence which created the case, the trial and the conviction. I will show

you that due to ignorance a case could be held up and and ties are not

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made to solve a case. You will also see that confessions are critical in a

case and that they change the course of an investigation.

The first murders were the Tate murders. These murders took place

at the Beverly Hills home of Sharon Tate, a pregnant movie star. Sharon

was joined by three of her friends, Abigail Folger, the Folgers coffee

heiress, Abigail’s boyfriend Voytek Frykowski Sharon’s house was

secluded and secured by a locked gate and there was also an able-

bodied young caretaker. Around 10-1 A.M. Sharon’s neighbors heard

a few gunshots coming from Sharon’s property but heard nothing else so

they went back to bed. Around the same time Tim Ireland, supervising a

camp-out, heard a chilling scream,” Oh, God, No, Please don’t! Oh God,

no, don’t, don’t... He drove around a little but found nothing unusual. At 8

a.m. housekeeper Winifred Chapman noticed a fallen telephone wire and

noticed an unfamiliar white Rambler. She entered the back door and

confirmed the dead telephone. She then noticed the front door was open

and splashes of blood were everywhere. Looking out the front door she saw a couple pools of blood and what looked like a body in the lawn. She ran back through the house and close enough to the Rambler to notice another body. She ran to the neighbors and notified the police. One by one three officers arrived to discover the body in the Rambler. Looking into the front lawn they saw two other bodies. One of the victims, a man, had his head and face bashed in and also dozens of puncture wounds in the rest of his body. The other lawn victim, a woman, had multiple stab wounds. The officers, Robert Burbridge, Jerry DeRosa and William Whisehunt, approach the house and notice a removed window screen. Two of the officers found an open window where they entered the house while the other officer entered the front door. The officer which entered the front door noticed at the bottom of the door the word “pig” in blood. In the hallway was two large streamer trunks, a pair of horned rimmed glasses and a broken gun grip which is big later in the investigation. He then found the last two bodies. One of which was a pregnant woman with a noose around her neck and at the other end was a man. The officers heard a man’s voice and the sound of a dog which turned out to be the caretaker William Garretson. The officers arrested him. The second murders where the LaBianca murders. Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were on there way home from a vacation with Rosemary’s daughter Susan Struthers. After dropping Susan off at her apartment nobody saw the the LaBiancas until the following day. At around 80 p.m. Frank Struthers, Rosemary’s son from a previous marriage, pulled up to the house and noticed some things that worried him. The bout was still in the driveway from the previous day and all the shades where down which the LaBiancas never do. Frank knocked on the door and got no response. He then went to a pay phone to call them and still no answer. He finally got in touch with his sister Susan which then came to the house with her boyfriend. The three of them entered thru the back door which they found open. Frank and the boyfriend left Susan in the kitchen while they went thru the house. When the men walked into the living room they found Leno in his pajamas with a pillow over his head, a chord around his neck and something sticking out of his stomach. Grabbing Susan they ran to the neighbors house and called the police. As soon as the police arrived they found Leno and to go along with the before mentioned they found his hands tied with a leather thong and the word “war” carved in his stomach by the fork. Rosemary was found in the master bedroom with her nightgown pulled over her head. She also had a pillow case over her head and a chord around her neck. Also in three different places the words “Death to Pigs”, “Rise”, and “Healther Skelter” which was misspelled and written in blood. But before these murders there was a music teacher murdered in his living room and in his blood there was the words “Political Piggy” written on the wall. The music teacher’s name was Gary Hinman.

The LAPD had not connected the murders together even after being told about the Gary Hinman murder. All they had was the caretaker for Sharon Tate which had passed a polygraph. The LAPD decided that the Tate murders was a drug deal gone bad and that the LaBianca murders was nothing more than robbery. Even after finding out about the Hinman murder and the similarity between all of them the LAPD refused to look into a connection between them. A man by the name of Bobby Beausoleil was arrested for the Hinman murder. He was found living with a bunch of hippies led by Charles Manson. The LA sheriff’s office decided that the Tate and LaBianca murders where connected and decided to look into the similarities of them and the Hinman murder. The investigation led to the Spahn Ranch which was the home of the Manson Family. The Manson Family is a group of hippies which was led by Charles Manson. The family found the ranch by chance while traveling in there bus through the mountains. The ranch reflected the misfits and rejects that Charlie had collected in the back of his black bus. The family settled in rent free with the understanding that the girls of the family would perform sexual favors for the owner of the ranch, George Spahn. The family would gather food from dumpsters behind supermarkets. Manson also gathered unwanted people and told them that “in love there is no wrong.” The family also took LSD on a regular basis. The prosecution’s star witness said that she had taken over 00 trips of acid said she could not determine fact and fantasy do to the acid. Beausoleil’s girlfriend confessed to the Hinman murder and also to stabbing another man repeatedly in the legs which may have been part of the Tate murders. The LAPD had finally got involved in the investigation and three months after the murders the LAPD and the LA sheriff’s office had still been conducting separate investigations. While the Sheriff’s office suspected Charles Manson it wasn’t till months after that the LAPD started talking to the Sheriff’s office.

Beausoliel’s girlfriend also said that Susan Atkins was involved in the murders. She was already in custody and while in custody she confessed to a lot. While in an institution, she confessed to a roommate to killing Hinman and also about fighting with a man that she stabbed repeatedly in the legs which turned out to be part of the Tate murders. She also said that Charlie was her lover and that he was Jesus Christ. She also mentioned that Charlie was going to lead them to a hole in the center of the earth. She later confessed to the murder of Sharon Tate. She said that her, two other girls and a man were instructed to do so by Charlie. Following this, she confessed to killing the LaBiancas the night after the Tate murders. People close to the Manson family also reported other confessions by the family not only of the already mentioned murders but also of a ranch hand who Charles thought would tell the head of the Spahn Ranch. The Sheriff’s office with the overdue cooperation of the LAPD decided to pursue the family and arrested them. On November 18, 16 Deputy DA Vincent T. Bugliosi was assigned to the Manson Family murder trial. Despite the the confessions, the Prosecution did not have as much evidence as it should have. The police eradicated fingerprints and misplaced other evidence which deprived the crime scene of telling it’s story. In addition, the forensic chemist failed to gather blood samples from the scene and failed to run subtypes on twenty one of the twenty four samples taken. However, they did have finger prints from the Tate house which were traced back to the suspects and thanks to a citizen the missing piece of the gun grip was placed to the revolver it belonged to, the murder weapon. These two things plus the confessions were enough. It only took twenty minutes for the jury to hand down indictments. The family decided for whatever reason to shave their heads for the trial and again for the verdict, perhaps to sure unity or togetherness or maybe even to show they are not afraid of what’s to come. They were all found guilty of murder in the first degree and also conspiracy to commit murder. Since they were found guilty there sentence was death. However, in 17, The California Supreme Court abolished the death penalty and they are all presently serving life sentences in prison. It took over a year for the capture and conviction of Manson and his family.

Due to the stubbornness of the LAPD to cooperate with the Sheriff’s office and the failure to make the connection immediately, these cold blooded killers were at large with the possibility to kill again. If they would have got together earlier they would have got the connections much earlier and perhaps brought these murderers to justice much sooner. However long it took, the confession and the discovery of the gun with the broken grip was more than sufficient to put this mentally sick and unstable family behind bars for life. Manson, though perhaps crazy, was wise in the way he ran the family. He found unwanted, there for emotionally damaged people to join his family. He would load them up on LSD and tell them lies like he was Jesus and Satan at the same time. He brainwashed these people and convinced them they had to do what they did. These people were mad at society and it wasn’t hard to persuade them to commit these murders. I feel that, though it is highly unlikely, they should reinstate the death penalty in the state of California and out them all to death. It may help put the emotions of the victim’s friends and family to rest and for fill the justice due to these killers.

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