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Moralities of the Present Day

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Moralities of the Present Day

Morality plays were a step in the center of the transition from holy to worldly drama, and combine things of each sort. They were performed by semi professional groups of actors who relied on the public to support them. Although the plays were usually short, their serious points were mixed with types of nonsense for a humorous message. In the present day movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, many examples of Moralities occur. For example, after winning a chance to go into the Tower of Chocolate a poor boy called Charlie and his Grandfather Peter, are both tempted to eat the chocolate around them, having been told earlier strictly not to even touch the tasty treats. This leads to predictable and humorous consequences.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a perfect example of a modern morality play with a strong message repeating itself throughout the film. This moral is clearly to do what you are told without question or else there will be harsh consequences. This message is very similar to what is said in the bible regarding Ruth, following her husband and others with out question. As the story of the film goes on Charlie and Peter are both on the tour of the Chocolate Tower with several others who are similar to themselves. When Charlie and Peter are left alone with the tour strolling ahead they decide to take some of the chocolate without the worry of being caught. Soon afterward, Charlie and Peter eventually catch up with group feeling delighted with what they had achieved to do.

After a time they both begin to feel the guilt rising as they walked deeper and deeper into the tower. The film then shows other people on the tour repeating the wrongdoing, as Charlie and his Grandfather had done, which then causes the whole group to have tremendous guilt between them and the leader. After the tour had finished the group goes home, still with the guilt on their minds, although Charlie and Peter stay behind. They both confess to the leader about tasting the chocolate and the leader then punishes them by taking away their promised life time supply of Chocolate. However, confessing to the leader puts himself in a difficult position. He feels guilty for punishing them both, for that reason he decides to give the entire factory to Charlie and Peter along with their family.

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This Film has specific qualities of a Morality play, and having searched for more films I would personally say that every film is obviously based on a simple moral. This moral has been used in many other films for example Bring It On or Bridgett Jones’s Diary. I think that morality plays are a much better way of spreading morals amongst all ages because this way they are enjoyable, as well as educational. Being Very popular in Europe around the 15th and 16th centuries, this might have caused religion at this time to cool down briefly because of the humor that was brought into the messages which would in reality be going against some of the ideas of God.

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