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natures duality

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Have you ever ridden in a car? Well a car has the ability to really help you out by transportation but it also can cause major harm. Like in the book A Place Where The Sea Remembers the author Sandra Benitez illustrates the aspects of negative and positive objects. This novel was taken place on the coast of Mexico in a town called Santiago. It is a story of many characters all dealing with problems in there everyday life. In the novel the actions of the arroyo, the sea and babies become both helpful and harmful.

The arroyo has the ability to help and harm. An arroyo is a deep gully cut by an intermittent stream that leads to the ocean. “In the dry season the arroyo was used as a road, and now Chayo strode up it on her way back from the beach” (Benitez 6). In this text the author is showing how the arroyo is helpful. And how the arroyo is a positive effect on society. “Up and down its length the arroyo was a mud hole. A stench came from it that, when the wind was right, made living here difficult” (Benitez 14). Now the wet season is coming and the arroyo is changing from a dried out passage way to an inconvenient mud hole. Not only that the arroyo is inconvenient it is also a discomfort from the smell. “The rumble she was hearing was not the storm but the arroyo. A froth of brown water churned down the riverbed, the water so high she could see it from the door” (Benitez 158). Here in the novel there is a big storm and the arroyo is

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