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4-H, More ten you ever imagined

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4-H.... More Than You Ever Imagined

How many kids do you know would do things if they werent fun? Lets say, for instance, baking dozens of cookies, tilling the earth for planting seeds, milking a dairy cow, or cleaning-up after a county event, just to name a few. Does this sound like fun, as in F-U-N, to you? I bet that you would agree that I must have stepped off the planet Mars to think all the mentioned chores can actually be fun!

The real scoop is that there is a program more fun that you ever imagined it to be. And we all know that kids wouldnt do things if they werent fun. This program is called 4-H. While learning is cool, learning and having fun at the same time is awesome! Newsweek Magazine’s November 000 issue addressing the activities desired by today’s youth, found that an abundance of people believe you have to live on a farm, in the country, or own an animal to be in 4-H. The truth is, anybody can belong.

So, exactly, what is 4H? 4-H is the name of a program for school-aged children, youth, and teens conducted by Kansas State Research and Extension. Each leaf on the clover represents one of the four ways kids grow and develop in 4-H. The goal is to help families and communities in raising future adults who will care and contribute positively to society as parents, workers, and citizens. In 4-H, young people gain knowledge about their projects, about working in groups and about themselves.

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Lets start with the National 4-H symbol. The first H is for HEAD which represents the knowledge a young person needs to have to be a successful adult.

The second H stands for HEART. The second of the four-fold developmental process of 4-H stresses a strong sense of feeling about what is right and wrong. It means practicing positive self-discipline, as well as looking for and doing service projects.

The third H stands for HANDS, because 4-H believes that you learn best when you actively participate in the learning. 4-H is hands-on learning. 4-H can happen anywhere because sometimes the best place to learn is in the middle of a field, in the kitchen, or with your dog in the backyard.

Finally, 4-H has always stressed that you cant be a complete kid without an understanding and practice of healthy habits. Thus, the fourth H stands for HEALTH.

This emblem is still protected by Congress from commercial or unauthorized use.

The 4-H symbol circles the globe and represents similar programs in more than 80 countries. A survey by Youth International Headquarters, based in Washington, DC and published in US News and World Report, December 000, listed 4-H as having 5.1 million school-aged members 7 - 1 years of age. While the international 4-H emblems may be slightly varied, the goals behind the program remains the same.

To get a clearer understanding of what each of the 4-Hs represent, lets look at some of the activities members are involved with throughout the year.

· Camps

· Judging

· Tours

County camp is a classroom without walls. The camp setting is ideal for helping 4-H members experience life skills, developing expertise in project areas, and having FUN. All counties in Kansas have camping programs. The headquarters are at Rocks Springs Ranch located just outside Junction City. This camp, held sometime in June or July, is for members 7 through 1 years of age.

A second activity is judging. Judging is learning to set and recognize standards of quality. Such standards are needed to make impartial judgments.

The third activity is tours. Tours or field trips are a vivid way to share good ideas by seeing them in real life situations. A field trip related either to a project area or to a subject of general interest widens the boundaries of knowledge of a 4-H member. This summer over ,500 youth, including myself, have been selected to participate in the Citizenship Washington Focus Conference where we will meet with legislators in helping us to understand the procedures of our government.

At the beginning of each 4-H year, members complete an enrollment card listing the projects they would like participate in. Projects are learning experiences designed for members to help them learn, make, or do something. There are hundreds of things to make and do in the projects offered in the August 000 edition of the Kansas 4-H Journal. Some of these project categories are

· Beef Dairy Goats Horse Sheep Swine

· Clothing & Textiles Foods and Nutrition Crafts

· Citizenship Leadership Plant Science Rocketry

· Wildlife Woodworking

The hard work that goes into all these projects can be seen on display at the county fair each summer. A judge decides how our work in each project has been accomplished. It is also a time to meet new friends, reacquaint ourselves with old friends and have the time of our lives. There is nothing that quite matches the excitement of participating in the county fair each year. We accumulate many great memories as we participate and do our best.

4-H’ers who receive top awards at county competition may exhibit in the 4-H division at the State Fair in Hutchinson. The minimum age for competition at this level is 10. My favorite projects for the nine years that I have been a part of the 4-H program is sheep. Not only have I participated successfully in local and state competition, but in the American Royal Sheep Show, as well.

The roots of Kansas Extension 4-H youth programs stretch back years and it would never have been so successful if it were not for the volunteer 4-H leaders who organize and run clubs, project groups and other special interest programs throughout the year. In communities across the state, teams of professional Extension educators along with local volunteers have lead thousands of young Kansans to....

· Feel and appreciate a concern for their communities, country, and world

· Foster healthy interpersonal relationships

· Make better, informed decisions

· Develop inquiring minds

· And feel positive about themselves in lifes varying circumstances.

Now that you have some knowledge of what 4-H is, let’s talk about how easy it is to join. Call your county extension agent. They can direct you to many local clubs that would love to welcome you as a member. Meetings are held once a month with the year beginning on October 1 and running through September 0, but new members are welcome to join at any time.

You will want to be a part of the action, too! Now, isn’t 4-H more that you ever imagined?

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