Sunday, October 2, 2011

ap bio evolution on finches'

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1. This statement can be supported with the recorded data that expresses differences within a population in the sense of, what the finches’ eat, what environment they can access abundant food for themselves, and they can differ in physical features that tend to aid them in survival.

. see answer number 4.

. This observation can easily be backed up with the information that was provided about the consequences of the drought that occurred. When the drought hit, it is obvious that there were too many offspring for all of them to survive on the minimal amounts of food. It easily could have happened so that only the finches’ with the smaller beaks could survive on the food, but by chance, it just so happened that only the finches’ with the larger beaks were able to obtain enough food for survival.

4. In the information that we read, it was clear that the advantageous trait for the finches’, after the drought hit, was the larger beak. Only the finches’ with the larger beaks could supply themselves with food; the finches’ with smaller beaks died, hence the result of a detrimental decrease in the number of offspring they produced. It is also important to take into consideration that a female finch with a smaller beak would not want to mate with a finch that had a small beak, because their offspring would not be able to survive once they were born. This trend can still be seen in animals and humans to this day; it often occurs that animals and people choose mates that will most likely help them produce healthy and strong offspring that will be able to carry their genes on in the future. This can be viewed as unfortunate in some humans today because they are choosing mates out of physical appearance and health, instead of what they would naturally be inclined to choose, such as a human they love, or for animals, a mate that they would more naturally choose.

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5. I was unable to read the graph, I will come see you to figure it out and then answer this question.

6. There was an increase in population of the fiches’ with deeper beaks fro 176 to 178, while the other fiches’ with beaks not as deep appeared to die off between 176 and 178.

7. The average beak depth probably increased for a couple of reasons. First off, it is obvious that the finches’ with less beak depth would have trouble producing many offspring because most of them died when the drought hit. Secondly, because the females choose their mates, they would most likely choose the male finches’ with the longest beaks, even though their species tends to make with males that have the same style of beak as themselves. Also, it had been observed that when females choose their mates, they closely examine all competitors in search of a mate who will potentially have the most successful/healthy offspring.

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